Sarge Cerrato Won’t Live Down His Star Turn, But Redskins and Bad Movies Have a Past

Dan Steinberg posted another clip from "Kindergarten Ninja" today on the Sports Bog.
That's the B-minus movie from 1994 that starred Cerrato as "Sgt. Antonelli," a detective who enlists kids to help him fight drug gangs.
It's amazing viewing.
Fallout from his role in "Kindergarten Ninja" could have legs. Folks over at, Dan Snyder's message board, have [...]

Sports Bog Blows Lid Off Vinny Cerrato’s Earlier Acting Career

The great Dan Steinberg today posted some footage of Vinny Cerrato from his other acting job, as a character in a shoestring-budget 1993 feature film called Kindergarten Ninja.
According to the cast roster, Cerrato, who once accused Washington Post columnist/Vinny tormentor Jason La Canfora of playing up Italian stereotypes when mentioning Cerrato on his Post blog, [...]