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Hey New York: Kickball Ruined D.C. First

On the Lower East Side of Manhattan, residents have launched a petition to try to ban kickball from the neighborhood, on the grounds that "it is a very frat-house behavior." ""I have lived in the neighborhood when there were gangs running around, heroin, but this is one of the most annoying, obnoxious things," three-decade Lower [...]

What D.C. Adult Sports League Should I Join?

Maybe it’s the absurdly high concentration of people in their 20s, or maybe we’re just a city of joiners. But whatever the reason, D.C. boasts dozens of social sports—including at least four separate kickball leagues. Which one is right for you? Perhaps this chart can help:

The Needle: Born a Kickballer Edition

Don't Kick, Don't Tell: An oft-repeated joke among some married, straight supporters of gay marriage basically boils down to, "Why shouldn't they get to suffer like us, too?" Now apparently the same theory applies to kickball; a gay-friendly offshoot of the local fratty pastime has launched its own gay league, complete with wintertime flip cup [...]