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D.C. Cops Don’t Know Squat About Khat

A man who faced felony drug charges for dealing khat doesn't seem to be in trouble anymore. The Metropolitan Police Department stalked Ethiopian cafe owner Etana Shuremu as if he were the Rayful Edmond of the 5300 block of Georgia Avenue NW. For months, they sat on his Petworth storefront, learning [...]

The Consequences of Getting Khat

Once, at the Diredawa Cafe, you could get stuff like coffee, tea, and bread. After the police raided the place in May, you couldn't get anything.
A judge has issued a "stay-away order" barring Etana Shuremu, the proprietor of the Georgia Avenue NW shop, from even visiting it.
That's because cops believe Shuremu was dealing khat, [...]

D.C. Cafe Owner Arrested for Khat Also Faces Bribery Charges

Every once in awhile, someone in the District goes down for Khat, an illegal and leafy stimulant popular in East Africa and parts of the Middle East. Recently, that person was Ethiopian immigrant Etana Shuremu, owner of Diredawa Cafe at 5333 Georgia Ave. NW–and one of the many people accused in the 2009 D.C. taxicab [...]