The Needle: D.C. Schooled

High School Dropout : In 2012, the country experienced its highest high school graduation rate, with 80 percent of seniors receiving a high school diploma. D.C., however, is well below the national average at 59 percent, though it should be noted that cities often experience higher dropout rates than suburbs. -5
Road Block: The new bike [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Swooning for Ted Leonsis, DeAngelo Hall; Free Preakness Tout Service!

A day after the crushingest defeat of his Capitals ownership, Ted Leonsis went on "The Sports Reporters" on WTEM-980.
He was awesome.
Hosts Steve Czaban and Andy Pollin brought up the rumored but unspecified injuries to Alex Ovechkin and Mike Green, giving Leonsis an opportunity to blame his team's ouster from the Stanley Cup playoffs on mitigating [...]