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At ANC Meeting, Kathy Henderson Loses Chair But Remains on Commission

Adam Roberts will succeed her as chair, but a disputed cell phone bill remains unpaid.

The Needle: Mystery Votes

Party Poopers: The Examiner declares both major parties' D.C. election-watch parties "bad." That's understandable from the losing Republicans, but apparently not even the Democrats could get excited enough to throw a good victory bash. -4
Gurley Votes: How to explain the mysterious 57,000 votes cast in the chairman's race Tuesday for little-known Calvin Gurley? It's not [...]

Fighting The Patriarchy In Ward 5?

Looks like there's something of a battle of the sexes shaping up in the Ward 5 D.C. Council special election. LL reported yesterday that a supporter of one candidate said something silly:
At a campaign event for Ward 5 D.C. Council candidate Frank Wilds this morning, former Ward 1 Councilmember Frank Smith told the small crowd of supporters [...]

Neighborhood Watch: In Trinidad, ANC Wants Only Chain Restaurants to Serve Booze

The Issue: One of the Trinidad Advisory Neighborhood Commissions (ANC) wants to curb alcohol-related problems by having liquor licenses banned at establishments along Bladensburg Road in NE, with one exception. An ANC proposal says that all establishments in the area will be denied licenses to sell alcohol for five years unless they are “part [...]