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Why Are All the Best Moments in Gabriel Sherman’s Washington Post Story in His Twitter Feed Instead?

Today in The New Republic, Gabriel Sherman takes a long look at what the subhead calls the "messy collapse of a great newspaper," the Washington Post. There are some great moments in there, like when Executive Editor Marcus Brauchli kills a spider in the car of Katharine Weymouth, the Post's publisher.
Strangely, though, Sherman's Twitter [...]

What, Exactly, Is the Washington Post‘s Mission?

Item No. 1 in the Mystery of the Washington Post's Murky Mission: Last December, Post Publisher Katharine Weymouth issues the "Road Forward," a strategy memo that includes these now-iconic lines: Being for, and about Washington, means addressing our local readers’ core needs. Strong news coverage, enterprise and investigative reporting, expert analysis and informed commentary will [...]

Freelancer to Brauchli: Quit While You’re Ahead

Matthew Mendelsohn isn't upset with Washington Post Publisher Katharine Weymouth, even though she may well have scuppered his 10,000-word piece on a quadruple amputee. She's still a good friend, he says. "I don't want Katharine to be exposed to this story."
His feelings about Executive Editor Marcus Brauchli aren't nearly as charitable. "Marcus should quit while [...]

Brauchli: Washington Post Swamped with Media Calls

Yesterday, I interviewed Washington Post Executive Editor Marcus Brauchli for a story I was writing on the Washington Post Magazine. I was working on allegations that Post Publisher Katharine Weymouth may have played a part in killing a magazine story written by a freelancer who happened to be a friend of hers.

Unintended Takeaway From Vanity Fair‘s Washington Post Article

This article about the Washington Post by Michael Wolff in Vanity Fair: commenting on such things is Wemple's beat. All I could hope to add to the discussion is my belief that the photo of Katharine Weymouth on page 2 of this article is a Prince song waiting to happen.

Post Salon Scandal Gets Full Take Down

So the Washington Post appeared to want to make you pay big bucks for meet-ups with their reporters and editors. Politico had the scoop on the Post scheme in which Publisher Katharine Weymouth would host "salons" in which lobbyists and association muckety mucks would pay large sums of money to hobnob with Posties, Obama administration [...]

Washington Post “Salon” Scandal: The Memo Trail

Politico hit it hard with the story of how the Washington Post was hoping to rake in hundreds of thousands of dollars by charging influence peddlers to attend exclusive meals with Post people and decision-makers.
Now come a flurry of memos in the wake of the crisis. Here are a couple of them:

WaPo: Clearing the Way for Layoffs?

A bit of the NFL may be coming to the Washington Post.
No, this region's premier daily isn't signing anyone to a multimillion-dollar contract or deploying the cover-two on Mayor Adrian M. Fenty. But the paper may soon be designating a platoon of "franchise players."

WaPo Working with Roger Black

The Washington Post is undergoing a remarkable shrinking act, with some sections folding and others taking on more complicated identities. Making it all happen will require some tweaks to the paper's design. The paper's Web site,, has long had layout problems of its own—a crowded homepage that poses something of a gantlet for users [...]

Jim Brady Talks About Leaving will soon be looking for a new executive editor, following today's announcement that Jim Brady will soon be leaving that post. Then again, it may not be looking to fill the slot. Over the next year–or perhaps even the next six months–the Washington Post's newsroom and the Arlington offices of will merge, and [...]

Publisher Cheesecake

Fishbowl DC starts its "Hottest Media Types" contest tomorrow. I say call in the dogs and put out the fire, we have ourselves a winner already. Hubba hubba!
(I'm on deadline and don't have time to read the story. I'm sure Wemple will get to it presently.)