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Washington Post Publisher Made $2.4 Million Last Year

Buyouts and benefits cuts aside, times were good for Washington Post Company execs and Graham family members employed by the company in 2012, according to a new Securities and Exchange Commission filing.
Take publisher and Graham family member Katharine Weymouth, for example. Weymouth's 2010 compensation of $2.07 million inspired grousing from Post reporters, and her 2011 [...]

Katharine Graham Maybe Smoked Hash With Truman Capote

Did the late former Washington Post publisher Katharine Graham smoke a ton of hash with Truman Capote? A recently-unearthed Capote story suggests that the answer to that question is "yes!"
The Post's Reliable Source reports that Vanity Fair is set to publish the story, "Yachts and Things," which features a character named "Mrs. Williams" that is believed [...]

Today in D.C. History: Post Publisher Commits Suicide

On Aug. 3, 1963, former Washington Post publisher Philip Graham, having struggled with severe bouts of depression for at least five years, went into the bathroom of his family farm near Marshall, Va., and committed suicide with a 28-gauge shotgun.
Four months prior, the 48-year-old Graham had delivered a famous and oft-quoted speech to Newsweek correspondents [...]