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Post Downgraded, But Investors Get Payday

If you saw the healthy $2.45 per share dividend the Washington Post Co. issued to investors earlier this month, you'd be forgiven for thinking the company's financial problems weren't so dire. How could they be, if the Post Co. was frittering away cash on a dividend?
Apparently, Standard & Poor's wasn't fooled. The ratings agency downgraded [...]

Advertising, Circulation Declines at the Post

The Washington Post Company's profits are up 13.6 percent this quarter, according to a new SEC filing, but it's not because people are clamoring to buy papers. Increased political ad buys on the company's TV station buoyed the company's profits, but the second quarter was nearly all bad news for the Washington Post part of [...]

Kurtz on Newspapers’ Demise: Off Base

Writing today in the Washington Post, media reporter Howard Kurtz posits that newspaper companies failed to position themselves for the upheaval that's battering their industry. Here's Kurtz on the matter:
The people who run such companies bear a considerable share of the blame. In 1993, just before the Internet became a consumer force, I argued in [...]