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The Needle: Done and Dunbar

Dunbar Blues:  The old, prison-resembling Dunbar High School started getting demolished today. No tears necessary: The new Dunbar is pretty swanky looking. +4
Profits to Date: In the Capital scored an interview with the woman who made headlines yesterday for the retaliatory rant she posted on her blog after a guy dumped her via text, [...]

The Needle: Yeezus Edition

Yo, Kanye, I'm Really Happy for You: U Street Music Hall will play the new Kanye West album, Yeezus, on what's widely considered one of the best sound systems in town tomorrow night. New father West is, after all, the Michael Jordan of music*, so it should be worth checking out. (*: Self-declared) +1
Gentrification Everywhere: [...]

Did Kanye West Go All Tom Petty on Jayson Werth?

A bombshell dropped during last night's Nationals/Reds game: Jayson Werth has dumped his walk-up music!
In the past, Werth has arrived at the plate to Kanye West's "Stronger", Metallica's "Wherever I May Roam," and Sammy Hagar's "Heavy Metal."
But when he came up in the bottom of the fourth of the Nats' win,  there were only the [...]

Our Morning Roundup: “Crying Kanye” Edition

Enjoy the rest of your summer driving because starting October 1, it might be smarter to stay off the roads. Mayor Adrian M. Fenty announced yesterday that he is “unburdening” taxpayers and scrapping safety inspections of private vehicles. Let's break this down:

District cost of vehicle safety checks: $400,000
Average cost of new vehicle: $30,000
Watching new [...]

Scenes from Post-Racial America: The Outburst Edition

Maureen Dowd, in yesterday's New York Times column, "Boy, Oh Boy," on Joe Wilson's outburst during Barack Obama's speech to Congress: "Some people just can’t believe a black man is president and will never accept it."