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The Needle: Road Closed Edition

Trash Man Didn't Get the Trash Today: The real world impact of municipal budget cuts isn't always immediately apparent. But one of last fall's decisions may lead to obviously visible—and smellable—results. The D.C. Department of Public Works, facing a $3.9 million cut to its budget last year, decided to stop ordering trash cans and recycling [...]

Get Rid of Your Fake Pot, It’s Now Illegal

You might want to smoke or toss what you have, fast. K2 officially became contraband today. According to a statement put out by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency, synthetic marijuana products like K2 are now illegal to possess and sell. The substances mimic the euphoric effect of pot when smoked. They [...]

An Alternative to Backyard Pot?

If you're not willing to roll the dice on having charges dropped against you for growing pot at home, you might want to smoke fake pot instead.
The substance is legal, if pricey; just 3 grams can set you back $40. But it reportedly has the same effect as cannabis. Synthetic marijuana, which looks [...]

Accused Georgetown DMT Makers in ‘Criminal Hell’

The lawyer for one of two college students arrested for manufacturing DMT, G. Allen Dale, points out that the accused aren't "thugs." He tells City Desk: "We've got some very young kids from good families, who've done some good things." (Which, clearly, means they shouldn't be treated the way most other accused drug dealers in [...]