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The Needle: Discretionary Spending

Sequestration Sadness The Department of Labor used taxpayer money to hire one of the Washington Nationals' presidential mascots to cheer up employees when sequestration hit. -3
Trendy Stampede: There was a long line along 14th Street and Florida Avenue NW today outside DTLR as customers tried to snag a pair of these pretty gaudy and not that [...]

Wizards Mocked After Justin Bieber Wears Their Shorts

It's hard to imagine things getting worse for the Washington Wizards. They've lost nine games in a row, tickets to their games are going for less than 50 cents, and injured player John Wall's disgust for his team has been immortalized in a GIF.
Now, while the franchise might have seen a good omen in Justin [...]

The Needle: Craig Goes to Congress Edition

Constituent Service: Members of the House may not get quite as much respect around D.C. as senators do—after all, there's a lot more of 'em running around. On the other hand, they're still recognizable enough that they probably shouldn't be trying to pick up chicks on Craigslist, which Rep. Chris Lee, a New York Republican, [...]

The Needle: Justin Bieber Edition

Yes, Virginia, There Is a Space Program: Look out, Florida—the Old Dominion is coming after you. NASA officials will launch a "suborbital rocket" from a facility on the Eastern Shore next week, complete with a safety system that will cause the rocket to self-destruct if it strays from its expected flight path. (Fun!) Might this [...]