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How One D.C. Man Became the Face of Jury Duty

Andrew Ferguson just starred in his first movie. There was a director, professional makeup, and free lunch on set, but the script focused on the rather un-Hollywood subject of jury duty—a seemingly dull topic that galvanizes Ferguson more than it does just about anyone in this country.
Ferguson, 42, a D.C. native and University of District [...]

Doing Jury Duty In D.C.

Someone over at LivingSocial's Social Studies blog got jury duty—which naturally means they had to write a cheeky guide to making it through the process.
Do you get to watch TV?
Why not?
Because, as a court clerk explains, last year someone complained about the PG-13 nature of what was being shown on the TVs. Since then, the [...]

The Needle: Somebody’s Watching Me Edition

Metropolitan Panopticon: More and more businesses these days have some kind of surveillance camera set up, keeping an eye on you while you buy your groceries, deposit your paycheck, fill up your gas tank, or run up more unsecured consumer debt. All those cameras are, apparently, making District officials jealous. So the city plans to [...]

D.C. Superior Court Jury Duty: A Review

Yesterday, I spent some solid time in the jury lounge of D.C. Superior Court fulfilling my civic duty. Ever since, D.C. Superior Court started going after truant jurors, it's been a good idea to not buck the system and accept that you're gonna have to do some time in the third-floor jury room.
So here's a [...]