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Current Newspapers Soliciting Voluntary Subscriptions to Support Operations

Another chapter in the decline of print journalism

Gothamist Writer Goes on Media Junket, Distills D.C. to a Few Blocks in Dupont

Everything worth doing in D.C. is at the Embassy Row Hotel! Who knew?

Massive Layoffs at Patch Today, Local Sites Likely Impacted

Patch, the AOL-owned hyper-local network of news sites across the country, laid off 40 percent of its employees Friday– a move that will likely impact many of the local Patch sites.
A number of the Patch sites will either be consolidated or eliminated.
D.C. has one Patch site, Georgetown Patch, and there are a number in Northern [...]

Buyouts at the Washington Post

More hard times ahead at the Washington Post, which you may recall is the money-losing newspaper division of the Kaplan test prep and for-profit education empire. This morning, editors sent staff a memo offering a voluntary buyout, at least the fifth since 2004. All the staff reductions have apparently taught the Posties a lesson in [...]

OAG Calls. It Wants Its Emails Back.

Today, I wrote up a piece about how Office of Attorney General lawyers were/are furious with fire department brass. What's the reason for their anger? A shoddy investigation into the Georgetown Library fire that has become the subject of a massive lawsuit in D.C. Superior Court. The shoddy investigation means a lot of problems with [...]

What Would You Pay To Read An Award-Winning Alt-Weekly?

Yesterday, the New York Times announced that it would be cutting 100 newsroom jobs via buyouts and layoffs. When the best paper in the country has to cut jobs, that's bad, very bad news. Anyone that's checked out lately will tell you that the news industry isn't clamoring for reporters. But the news provoked [...]

CQ-Roll Call Staffers Face Layoffs Today

First the merge, now the purge. FishbowlDC has the scoop: CQ-Roll Call is in the process of laying off 44 employees (writers, editors, etc.) today during a series of meetings. These meetings seem less like meetings than a cattle slaughter. These meetings aren't going to be subtle. One staffer told FishbowlDC that it feels like [...]

The Evolution of the Yearbook Photo: From Ed Liddy to John Slattery to Now

As I selected my senior yearbook photo via the world wide interwebs this week, I took a minute to think about the difference between the presentation of those images today versus previous generations.
Today, photography companies are offering many ways to make yourself look better. There are options for retouching and removing scars, tan lines, moles, [...]

Proposed Addition to the Journalist’s Creed

Until a few minutes ago, I didn't know there was such a thing as "The Journalist's Creed." I didn't go to J-school, though—maybe there you have to recite it before classes start? Anyway, now apparently the Reynolds Journalism Institute at the Missouri School of Journalism is journaling up whether the venerable creed requires an update. [...]

What, Exactly, Did Detroit News Columnist Do Wrong?

The circumstances aren't in dispute: After the Detroit Lions got whupped by the score of 42-7 by New Orleans, Detroit News columnist Rob Parker asked a question of Lions Coach Rod Marinelli: "Do you wish your daughter would have married a better defensive coordinator?" You had to know something about the team to get that [...]

AU Professor Proposes Using Complex Online Scheme to Make D.C. Simple to Understand

Washington, D.C. is a complicated place. Journalists in D.C. bureaus are getting laid off in droves. Kids these days like Second Life and other avatar-driven games. Dave Johnson, a professor at American University, is clearly smarter than the rest of us, because he thinks he's figured out a way to reconcile all this by creating [...]