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The Needle: Gobble Gobble

Pavo: Celebrity chef José Andrés will be cooking a goodwill Thanksgiving meal in Madrid this year, with the idea that "turkey will be a goodwill ambassador to American values." +2
Party Mayor: Mayor Vince Gray looks like he's having a good time here, and a happy mayor means a happy city, right? +3

District Line Daily: Beasts of the NL East

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This happened fast: The Nationals used to be terrible, but as of last night, they're newly [...]

The Needle: Who Wants It? Edition

Who Wants To Buy A Diner?: Having your restaurant close up shop for lack of business is no great indignity; dining is a tough market, after all. But having to sell it on eBay afterwards must sting a bit. The erstwhile Capital City Diner is doing just that, though. The good news: It could be [...]

The Needle: Forget You Edition

Pop Goes the Beard Award Winner: The surest sign that pop-up shops and restaurants have gone completely mainstream? The federal government is doing one. José Andrés announced today that he'll team up with the National Archives for "America Eats Tavern" this summer, taking over the space that has been Café Atlántico for years. The new [...]

The Needle: Don’t Run Me Over Edition

Insult to Injury: Riding a bike around D.C. often feels like taking your life into your hands. And with good reason; drivers are constantly standing by, ready to run you over at any minute! That's bad enough, but one cyclist who got hit by a taxi last month was also given a traffic ticket for [...]

The Needle: Lion Baby Boom Edition

More Lions!: A veritable feline baby boom is under way at the National Zoo, where three lion cubs were born this morning. Four others arrived last month. The mother was Nababiep, the 6-year-old sister of Shera, the 5-year-old mother of the other cubs. (The zoo's lone male lion, 4-year-old Luke, was the father to both.) Soon [...]

Photos: White House Farmers Market

Chef Jose Andres passes out paella at the White House Farmers Market

Photo: José Andrés

Chef José Andrés, White House Farmers Market, May 6. © 2010 Matt Dunn

D.C. Steakhouses: Weather Wimps

Snow consists of water, and it piles up in little fluffy mounds. It gets pushed around a lot.
In other words, it's just the sort of substance that, you'd suppose, steakmen would scoff about. Steakmen are the brutes who live on red meat and serve it at their steakhouses. Red meat, of course, symbolizes toughness, [...]