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The Needle: Jon Stewart for D.C. Council Edition

Welcome to The Daily Show: If you suddenly feel like the air around town is somehow more ironic, it may not just be because of the hipster riding past you on a track bike. Jon Stewart has arrived in D.C., five days ahead of Saturday's Rally to Restore Sanity, to tape this week's Daily Show [...]

The Needle: Toilet Standoff Averted Edition

Rally to Restore Porta Potties: This whole Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert thing may be all about irony. But that doesn't mean Comedy Central can't still pull together and get some actual results when it matters. A burgeoning toilet crisis has been averted, and anti-protest protesters will be able to go the bathroom even though the Marine [...]

The Needle: Swine Flu Redux Edition

The Flu Line State: Brace yourself for a pandemic. No, not of the flu, but of coverage of the flu. The region's flu season is officially underway, with news that someone in Baltimore has come down with swine flu. But unlike last year, vaccines appear to be widely available; at Safeway, where we got our [...]

The Needle: Sanity, Meet Fear Edition

Restore Sanity Here: Information on the Oct. 30 Jon Stewart "Rally to Restore Sanity" has been dribbling out bit by bit since it was announced. Today's news? The location! The rally will take place on the Mall between 3rd and 7th streets. Unless, of course, the rally's FAQ page is just more fake news. No word [...]

The Needle: No Rain, No Gain Edition

Stop Us If You've Heard This One: At 2:21 p.m., the bulletin went out from the National Weather Service: "A SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WATCH IS IN EFFECT UNTIL 10 PM. A COLD FRONT WILL CROSS THE AREA... PRODUCING NUMEROUS THUNDERSTORMS. DAMAGING WIND GUSTS WILL BE THE PRIMARY THREAT." Fun! By now, the routine should be more [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Cloning Bin Laden

*THE BLOGOSPHERE REACTS: Arlen Specter (R-PA D-PA), facing a strong 2010 primary push from Republican congressman Pat Toomey, switches parties, giving the Dems a quasi-60-seat presence in the Senate. This has the 'sphere all riled up. For some spirited commentary, visit Robert Stacey McCain's  blog ("Specter reminds me of the high-school slut trying to sleep [...]

Update: SIX Flagging

Dan Snyder's giga-screwed theme park chain, Six Flags, has more in common with the country's ailing financial institutions than their shared borderline insolvency. Jim Cramer boldly led investors toward Six Flags throughout its plunge, too.
Cramer's getting crushed by Jon Stewart, of course, for being so wrong so often about the health of Bear Stearns and [...]

Jon Stewart Wins: The Daily Show's response to the New Yorker cover flap hits the nail on the head. Stewart's advice to the Obama camp:
You know what your response should've been? It's very easy here, let me put the statement out for you: "Barack Obama is in no way upset about the cartoon that depicts [...]