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Unobstructed View: The Wizards, Markieff Morris, and Chicken Sandwiches

Why wouldn’t fans be more excited about a free chicken sandwich than a win?

Unobstructed View: Grunfeld, Wittman Don’t Deserve This Much Loyalty

Loyalty is overrated.

Unobstructed View: Expectations Rise and Fall in D.C. Sports

It's tough to shake the focus on past successes, past failures, expired trends, and dated impressions.

Unobstructed View: Be More Watchable, Sports

Watchability is a weirdly underrated trait in teams across the entire spectrum of sports.

John Wall Donates $400,000 to D.C. Center That Serves Homeless Children

The project is now about $1.5 million away from its goal.

District Line Daily: An Emotional Wizards Win

The 7000-series Metro cars are coming soon.

How to Hop on the Wizards Bandwagon

The Washington Wizards are in the NBA playoffs for the first time since 2008. Last week, they won the first game of a playoff series (for the first time since 2006), then won the second one (for the first time since 1982), both on the road against the fourth-seeded Chicago Bulls, to bring a 2-0 [...]

The Needle: Toothless

Jim Slammed: The D.C. Board of Ethics and Government Accountability said today that evidence suggests Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham broke some rules in his handling of the city's lottery contract. But the board decided not to investigate further because it has no way to punish Graham if it discovered he broke the law.  -4
Fast [...]

The Needle: Waiting for Wall

Wizardry Woes: Wizards' star John Wall's left patella injury is still so bad that he can't practice with the team, and the Wizards don't know when he'll return to the court. -3
Grimace: So, this happened. -5

The Needle: Burglar Bowels Edition

Leave Only Footprints: There's no telling what a burglar will do when he or she breaks into an unattended house—rummage around, take valuables, use the bathroom. That was the modus operandi of whoever broke into a home in Vienna last week. The owners came home to find the doors unlocked, nothing taken, and some shit [...]

The Wizard is Dead, Long Live the Wizard

The Washington Wizard isn’t gone—he’s just officially buried in a sea of red, white, and blue, likely never to be heard from again.
Ted Leonsis’ ownership group finally unveiled the much-anticipated new look for the city’s basketball team today, with dim lighting, pop music, balloons, and customized cupcakes giving the Verizon Center's practice court a feel [...]

John Wall Can Rebuild What Rod Strickland Tore Down — Strickland’s Reputation

In all my years of typing, few athletes have given me as many giggles as Rod Strickland. While I was away wiping baby butt, Rod continued making his own mess.
Washingtonians have any number of reasons to despise him. This is the player, remember, who Wes Unseld gave up Rasheed Wallace to get here. He's also [...]

Chris Bosh Won’t Touch the Washington Wizards: Cheap Seats Daily Explains Why

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Maybe it's too early to write off seeing LeBron James in a Wizards uniform. But the salutatorian of this year's NBA free-agent class, Chris Bosh, surely ain't coming to D.C.
Bosh just named the five squads he'll play for, and ours wasn't among 'em. AP [...]