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Mike Wise Lets Harold Bell Roar: Bell’s Legend Remains Secure!

Harold Bell got some mainstream media time this afternoon.
He didn't waste it.
Bell, a D.C. sportstalk pioneer profiled in our pages in February, was brought on the Mike Wise Show on WJFK-FM because of a characteristically flame-throwing column he recently posted on Bleacher Report.
In the money grafs of the column, Bell's post puts a different and [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Maryland GreenHawks Coach Dies

The Maryland GreenHawks latest new coach, Otis Hailey, died early Saturday. The team attributed Hailey's death to kidney failure. He had been with the squad for only two games.
Adam Dantus, general manager of the Premier Basketball League squad, says Hailey had a chronic kidney condition and received regular dialysis treatments. He had a dialysis session [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Could Henry ‘Cocksucker’ Allen Work Up a Charticle?

For this week's despised-by-visionaries print edition of Washington City Paper, I took a shot at my first charticle. Couple things I came away with:
1)Henry Allen really is a cocksucker. Charticles are hard as balls.
2)Charticles don't work real well in the pro-visionary online format. See for yourself! But charticles are grand in print. So pick up [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: If Nobody Else Does, John Thompson Gives Elgin Baylor His Due

Yesterday's John Thompson Show on WTEM was amazing. Thompson devoted much of the program to talk about Elgin Baylor, who turned 75 years old Wednesday.
Thompson told listeners he phoned Baylor in Southern California on his birthday just to say thanks for inspiring him and so many other DC kids in the 1950s when he went [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Michael Vick Is the New Justin Timberlake?

I wrote a column this week about one of the bizarrest happenings in local prep ball history, and a game I'd been hearing about for years: The 1970 summer league matchup between John Thompson's St. Anthony's squad and the Morgan Wootten-coached DeMatha.
They were the two best teams in the city back then, and played before [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Caps and Zimmerman Live Another Day

That's how Caps' play-by-play man Steve Kolbe ended his awesome call of David Steckel's game winner last night from Pittsburgh.
Nothing like OT playoff hockey on the radio.
The game started lousy for the eventual winners. At the end of the 1st period, with the Caps down 1-0 and [...]