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Hail to the Pigskins!


Meet your new football team, D.C.: the Washington Pigskins. That’s the name Washington City Paper will use from now on to refer to the folks in burgundy and gold who play at FedEx Field, instead of the name the team prefers, which is a pejorative term for Native Americans.
Over the last week, 1,125 of you [...]

Watch Dave McKenna Talk Redskins With John Riggins

Washington City Paper's Cheap Seats columnist, Dave McKenna, will be on John Riggins' radio show at 4:20 p.m. today. Chances are "The Cranky Redskins Fan's Guide to Dan Snyder" and the just-dismissed lawsuit it sparked will come up.
Watch live here:

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The Needle: Riggo Safari Edition

Millions and Millions: A month ago, Mayor Vince Gray’s team released their new, terrifying estimate of the budget gap facing the District in fiscal 2012: $600 million. But today, chief financial officer Natwar Gandhi declared the actual shortfall will be $312 million. The difference, apparently, is due to higher than expected tax revenue from commercial properties; [...]

The Needle: Release the Sandbags Edition

D.C. Sandbags Residents: Did our friends at TBD pick the right time of the year to launch a website with sections devoted to "Weather" and "Commute," or what? Yet again, heavy rains led to flooding around the region, snarling traffic and almost making people nostalgic for the good old days of 100 degree highs. (Almost.) [...]

Hear Dave McKenna (And Riggo) On TV

City Paper's Cheap Seats columnist Dave McKenna will appear on MASN tonight at 5 p.m., on the John Riggins Show, which the network just brought back (perhaps because Riggo's collection of YouTube rants about the Redskins were such a hit last season). The show will also be broadcast on the radio, on WTOP-3, the all-news [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Redskins Drop the Fictional 200,000-Name Waiting List, But Not Ticket Prices?

The lead sentence of yesterday's press release from the Washington Redskins, dated Jan. 13, 2010, announcing the team won't raise ticket prices: "The Redskins have announced that general admission ticket prices for the 2010 season will be unchanged, remaining at the same price for the fifth season in a row.
The lead sentence of last year's press release [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Did Theismann Pile On Riggins Because Riggins Piled On Theismann?

Commercials running all day on Dan Snyder's sportstalk station, WTEM, are pushing the pep rally that Snyder is sponsoring tonight at Dave & Buster's in Rockville.
Listeners are urged, "Bring your best 'Beat Dallas!' sign and you can win a six pack of club seats!"
I can't wait to see how high the "Worst Owner Ever!" banner [...]

Riggins Explains ‘Dark Heart’ Tirade, Adds Perspective to the Redskins’ Holocaust

John Riggins took some chuckles out of the Dan Snyder bashing season when he said the Redskins owner was a "bad guy" with a dark heart. The big let-down of Riggins' rant came from its utter lack of examples of Snyder's conduct that would back up such soul judging. The controversy wasn't addressed in the [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Redskins PR Machine Spreads the Word: Dan Snyder Doesn’t Have a ‘Dark Heart’!

In case you missed it: For the brings-home-96-to-98-percent-of-the-bacon-but-is-nevertheless-shunned print edition this week, I wrote about Will Dunham, an Arlington resident who has been hosting "Inside the Squared Circle" (ITSC), a weekly program on pro wrestling for 20 years. Dunham has had his pro bono pro wrestling program longer than Jay Leno had "The Tonight Show" [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: WJLA Makes BeerInTheBathroomsGate™ Even More Viral?

As if vending beside urinals at Redskins games wasn't viral enough: Jennifer Donelan of WJLA put BeerInTheBathroomsGate™ on her station's evening news, and even took a few seconds to give Washington City Paper kudos for blowing the lid off Snyder's newest revenue stream.
Here's Donelan's WJLA piece. Wait til the 50-second mark. Don't take a pee [...]