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The Needle: Obama Backs Roosevelt

Big News for Big Head: Barack Obama has echoed John McCain's demand that Teddy Roosevelt win his first president's race at a Nationals game. -2
Mind the Gap: Washington's gender wage gap is smaller than any of the states', according to the American Association of University Women. On average, District women earn 90 percent of [...]

John McCain Wants Teddy to Win Nats Race

Sen. John McCain has a new issue, revealed in a jokey ESPN segment noticed by D.C. Sports Bog: finding out why Teddy Roosevelt still hasn't won a Nationals president's race. McCain, an admirer of Roosevelt, is filled with sadness to see the 26th president repeatedly tackled by rival presidents and sundry other Teddy-hating mascots.
"It's one [...]

Morning Roundup: World Cup Edition

Morning, all. How many of you are planning to play hooky in order to catch the kickoff of the World Cup? We've got dozens (and counting) of great options for your soccer watchin', and a few delays, Biergarten is opening just in time for the Cup, too.
Amidst all the World Cup celebration in South Africa, [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: No ‘The Kids Are Alright’ During the Super Bowl Halftime?

The king of ultimate fighting promotions, UFC, makes its local debut tonight at the Patriot Center. UFC boss Dana White says at least 7,000 tickets have already been sold for the show, which will be televised on Spike TV.
Luke Thomas calls the Fairfax card "arguably the most significant combat sports event since Tyson fought at [...]

Our Morning Roundup: The “Palin-Winfrey 2012″ Edition

Mornin', City Desk readers! Welcome to the second edition of what used to be but is no longer Freedom Friday. Remember: Freedom is dead. Don't worry, you'll get used to it.
One word: Oprah! The "queen of daytime television" will announce today she's ending her show in 2011. This is huge! Now, in case you're a [...]

Our Morning Roundup: “NBC Moodswing” Edition

*Checked out NBC Washington's new "Moods"/Washington Is... section? I hadn't! (Sorry, vacay.) Definitely interactive. Also, leads to hilarious/tacky catchphrases at the top of the homepage (see above). My problem with this is the same problem I have with "viewers' choice awards" on reality TV shows. (Full disclosure: don't watch many reality TV shows.) The whole [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Marbury a Wizard? Can You Party AND Maintain House Ethics? Wake Up Call for Hoop Dreams? Letterman Loses Pride, Battle With Palinites?

As he was heading off the air, I'm pretty sure I heard Dave Feldman at Fox-5 report last night that the Wizards are going to work out Stephon Marbury today.
Did anybody tell Abe Pollin?
Lebron's come and gone. But we only have to wait a week for the next celeb sports doc extravaganza: Luis Tiant will [...]

Quote of the Day: Meghan McCain Edition

I don’t want to see my father’s picture near any picture of a guy I am attracted to, especially if we haven’t even had dinner yet.
From Meghan McCain's Daily Beast confessional, "Looking for Mr. Far Right."
(Second place goes to the same piece:
Any guy that has a fetish for older women in pantsuits and large pearls [...]

Wonder How the Other Half Is Partying? They’re Not

There's not a lot about Northern Virginia now that reminds me of the way it was when I was growing up there in the '70s. It's wealthier and more refined and liberal. Democrats win every big race.
JVs is a link to the old Old Dominion, however.
Judging from the scene inside JV's, a wondrous Falls Church [...]

Dumbass Anti-Obama Vandals Loose in Maryland

Friends, as we observe the inauguration of a new president, there are still two Americas: Those that are happy to see Barack Obama take office, and those that aren't.
Yesterday, during a visit to Gambrills, Md., our car was vandalized by a member of the latter demographic.
Somebody with a lot of free time, duct tape and [...]

Spotted: McCain Supporter in D.C.

Bill Mallison, a friend, cast his vote for John McCain in the contested state of North Carolina (CNN initial polling projected the state at 50% Obama, 49% McCain, though Obama has now broken away). Mallison may be an out-of-state voter, but he is, at the moment, physically in the District (photo evidence above).
Mallison says he [...]

DCision Video 5: Councilmember Jim Graham

In which we chat with the Ward I councilmember about huge lines at the polls, the benefits of Adrian Fenty's "early and strong support of the Obama candidacy," and whether or not Carol Schwartz qualifies as a maverick.
Trouble viewing? Try the YouTube version.

DCision Video 4: Bancroft Elementary School

In which we speak with a man named Willie Mays (!) about credible change and Michael Brown's lackluster performance at air hockey.
Among other things.
Trouble viewing? Try the YouTube version.

McCain’s Concession Speech: A Few Tips

CP's Ted Scheinman, who's been running around trying to document this entire historic election on videotape, also has a great Slate piece out today instructing John McCain how to lose gracefully. Read Scheinman's tips for McCain's (knock on wood, salt over shoulder, Obama jersey unwashed for two years) concession speech—informed by the examples of such [...]

DCision Video 3*: McCain HQ in Crystal City

In which we speak with Mary and Pam, two McCain volunteers who predict an upset victory for the Republican ticket. Mary doesn't trust polls, while Pam thinks Virginia and Florida are going to break decisively for McCain.
An Obama victory, Pam adds, might signify that God requires "penance" from the U.S. For something.
Plus: [...]