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We Read Washington Post Outlook Section So You Don’t Have To!

The Sunday before any national election is always a landmark day for Washington Post editors and writers—it means they already know, months in advance, what the main feature in the paper's Outlook section will be. For 15 election cycles, Outlook has been home to the Crystal Ball Contest for predicting results.
This year's edition ran last [...]

Politico Celebrates Politico

Around the District last night, it wasn't hard to find somewhere to go watch election returns filter in. Local Democrats gathered at Love. National Democrats, for some reason, had a fancy party downtown; second-hand reports made clear it was only the place to be if you were required by your job to be there, and [...]

WaPo Buyouts: Helping the Competition?

The Washington Post has offered four buyout packages this decade—all of them generous bundles of cash and benefits designed to push older reporters and editors off the paper's payroll.
That, at least, is the intended consequence.
A less-intended consequence is that the Post abets competing publications by hastening the departure of top talent and rewarding them for [...]