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District Line Daily: Power Meeting

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Mayor Vince Gray sent a letter Tuesday to President Barack Obama, House Speaker John Boehner, and Senate [...]

Meet Your New D.C. Council: Congress!

The budget deal struck by Congress and the White House last weekend kept D.C. libraries and rec centers open by averting a government shutdown. But it also included policy “riders” that banned the District from spending any of its local budget on abortion and ordered the city to continue a school voucher program. Since federal [...]

Taxation Without Sanitation

Even the most placid of citizens have lines they simply won't allow their elected leaders to cross without arousing some populist fury. This week, as the federal government girds itself to shut down—taking most of the District government along with it—one of those lines has come into sharp relief. You can deny D.C. its voice [...]

The Needle: D.C. Nationalism Edition

Feds to City—Drop Dead: Add to the potential problems of a federal government shutdown a few downsides that are closer to home, even for federal employees who are forced to stay out of work—like, say, uncollected garbage. Turns out the District, because its annual spending bill hasn't passed Congress yet, would also have to close [...]

The Needle: The Day After Edition

What Snow?: Reports filtered in this morning of commuters taking as long as 13 hours to get home from work yesterday, thanks to the snow that smacked the region just as evening rush hour got going. Which, adding insult to injury, probably meant those commuters were already late for work today by the time they [...]

With Redskins, Every Day Is Super Tuesday…

There's a lot of big stuff going on in Washington today. Some elections might shift the balance of power on Capitol Hill and the Wizards host their first home game with the future of the franchise, to name two.
But none of that can compete with what's happening around the Redskins. The Coach is lying again? The Coach's son is lying now, too? Randy [...]