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Our Morning Roundup: Performance-Based Pay Raise Edition

Good Morning, all. You can finally say farewell to that oppressive heat wave; for the next week, temperatures will hover in the low 80s, with mostly sunny skies.
Breaking news today for D.C. teachers: yesterday, the D.C. Council officially ended 2 ½ years of political jostling by approving a contract with the Washington Teachers’ Union that [...]

Defense Expert to Claim Robert Wone Slept Through Stabbing

While cross-examining a key forensic expert for the prosecution Wednesday, the defense mentioned what its own forensic expert witness will be testifying later in court–that attorney Robert Wone was either too asleep or too surprised to react to his own fatal stabbing.
Presented with this theory on the stand, forsenic pathologist Dr. David Richard Fowler conceded it was [...]

Stabbing Expert Testifies On Robert Wone’s Oddly Uniform Wounds

Maryland chief medical examiner Dr. David Richard Fowler took the stand Wednesday in the sensational trial of three Dupont Circle men accused of conspiring to cover up the 2006 murder of D.C. attorney Robert Wone.
D.C. investigators had asked Fowler to review Wone's autopsy report, x-rays and crime scene photos. The forensic pathologist, with some 6,000 autopsies under [...]

Michael Price to Cop: ‘You Motherfuckers Need To Be Out Looking For The Real Killers’

Police Det. Gail Russell-Brown testified on Monday about a bizarre conversation she had at the funeral of murdered D.C. attorney Robert Wone.
In short, Michael Price, a recovering boozer and brother of one of three Dupont Circle housemates now accused of conspiring to cover up Wone's murder, approached the detective after the ceremony and, basically, flipped out.
"He began hollering and cussing at [...]

Witness: Joe Price ‘Pulled The Knife Out’ Of Robert Wone

Interior designer Scott Hixson testified Monday about the night in August 2006 when he went to pick  up his Swann Street neighbors from the police station.
"Scott, I've just had the worst night of my life," Hixson recalled his former neighbor and occasional lover Joe Price saying over the phone that night. "Could you come pick us up [...]

Sex-Toy Maker Had ‘Nice’ Chat With Prosecutors in Robert Wone Case

Eric Forbes got a call one day from a lawyer asking whether a machine he sells "could force an ejaculation from someone," he says. Forbes founded a company that sells "e-stim" devices, contraptions that deliver a current of electricity to the genitals through various attachments and sex toys. Forbes likes to be electrically wowed himself. He pens his story on [...]

What About Ward? Robert Wone Case Continues to Perplex

Dylan Ward was sleeping just down the hall from the room where Robert Wone was found brutally stabbed. Yet, no one checked on him? Neither of his housemates, not Joe Price nor Victor Zaborsky, rushed in to make sure that Ward hadn't suffered the same violent fate?
It's one of the nagging questions I have about the [...]

Cops Found No Match to Prints in Robert Wone Case

Lead Detective Bryan Waid yesterday rattled off a long list of steps taken to rule out the possibility that Robert Wone's mysterious 2006 murder might have been a burglary gone awry.
Waid enlisted the help of cops on the burglary beat and also asked narcotics officers to see if their sources knew anything. "I checked everybody, everybody I [...]

Defense: Here’s How You Scale An ‘Impossible’ Fence

Defense attorney Thomas Connolly turned the tables on prosecutors Thursday in the sensational trial of three Dupont Circle men accused of covering up their friend Robert Wone's mysterious 2006 murder. 
After sitting through hours of video footage of police interrogations of his client, Victor Zaborsky, and fellow defendants Joe Price and Dylan Ward, Connolly whipped out a video all his [...]

Tampering Suspect ‘Didn’t Give a Shit’ About Touching Stuff at Scene of Robert Wone’s Murder

"I didn't give a shit what I touched," Joe Price told investigators as he tried to explain his state of mind upon discovering the bloodied body of longtime friend Robert Wone in a guest bedroom of his Dupont Circle home one August night back in 2006.
Price admitted to touching Wone's t-shirt and also a knife that appeared to be [...]

Witness: Joe Price Told Me ‘There’s a Difference’ Between Tampering and Wiping Up Blood

Tara Adams Ragone, an old friend of murdered D.C. attorney Robert Wone, testified Wednesday about phone conversations she had with suspect Joe Price in the aftermath of Wone's mysterious 2006 death.
Price and his Dupont Circle housemates Dylan Ward and Victor Zaborsky, stand accused of conspiracy, obstruction of justice and tampering with evidence in connection to [...]

Conspiracy Suspects Often Left Door Unlocked, Ex-Housemate Testifies in Robert Wone Case

"Don't wait up," Sarah Morgan jokingly told her housemates at 1509 Swann Street NW as she left home the night of Aug. 2, 2006, to hang out with some of her other gay friends, Tom and John.
At 5:50 a.m. the next morning, she received an urgent phone call from housemate Joe Price. He warned her [...]

Judge Will Hear Testimony Regarding Price’s Bro in Wone Case

A motion challenging the admissibility of witness testimonies regarding the behavior of Michael Price before and after the slaying of Washington attorney Robert Wone failed today.
Bernie Grimm, an attorney for Joe Price, one of three housemates on trial for covering-up the murder of Wone, submitted the motion this morning. Michael Price is Joe Price's brother and [...]

What Happened at Robert Wone’s Funeral?

The week ahead promises yet more drama in the District's most talked-about court case. Late Friday, prosecutors tried to cram in one final witness in the trial of three Dupont Circle housemates accused of covering up the 2006 murder of attorney Robert Wone.
Detective Gail Russell-Brown began to testify about her encounter with Michael Price, brother of defendant Joe Price, at Wone's [...]

Defense Continues to Squeeze Expert on Wone Evidence

Trace evidence expert Douglas Deedrick again took the stand today, and was again hammered at by defense attorney David Schertler. Deedrick earlier testified to examining and performing experiments on various objects taken from the 2006 murder scene of Ivy League-educated attorney Robert Wone.
Deedrick discovered blood spots on the knife found next to Wone's body that [...]