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Joe Jacoby Gets His College Degree Today, But Not in Theater!

"And, yes, and you can have a college degree..."
When I heard via the Louisville Courier-Journal that Joe Jacoby had gone back to school and was getting his sheepskin today, that's the sentence that popped into my head.
That's because whenever I hear anything about Jacoby, among the most beloved and successful Washington Redskins of all time and [...]

What Pizza Did Joe Jacoby Really Eat?

The local media blessed us with tons of great memories of the glory days of the Redskins franchise over the weekend, what with Russ Grimm’s induction to the Hall of Fame.
My favorite came with Mike Wise’s column on the Hogs, going over the birth of football history's most durable and successful offensive line. I was [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Could Henry ‘Cocksucker’ Allen Work Up a Charticle?

For this week's despised-by-visionaries print edition of Washington City Paper, I took a shot at my first charticle. Couple things I came away with:
1)Henry Allen really is a cocksucker. Charticles are hard as balls.
2)Charticles don't work real well in the pro-visionary online format. See for yourself! But charticles are grand in print. So pick up [...]