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Unobstructed View: In Cancelling The Man Cave, the Same Patterns Play Out Again

This pattern is very familiar: advance, backpedal, move forward again, scuttle

Ex-Redskins Coach Joe Gibbs: “I Was Queer for Tight Ends”

Oh no, champion Redskins coach Joe Gibbs. Deadspin reports on his appearance today on ESPN Radio, where he said (emphasis added):
I go to the pro basketball game every time and they always said I was queer for tight ends. I had more tight ends running out there with the Redskins, and I look out there [...]

Morning Roundup: If He Died in Memphis, Then That’d Be Cool Edition

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Alex Chilton is dead. Avoid conversations with middle-aged ex-indie rockers today. We will be morose and more unbearable than usual.
Other stuff happened yesterday:

Brett Haber Honors Glenn Brenner and the Good Old Days of DC Sportscasting

The biggest sports story in town last week wasn't a win or a loss or a trade or an owner's gaffe. It was a memorial service. George Michael's.
The goodbye to the longtime WRC-4 sportscaster also served as a memorial to an era where local news operations were a much bigger deal than today. So even [...]

ATTENDED: George Michael’s Memorial Service

Mourning Roundup: George Michael, Not the Singer, Edition

Today Gilbert Arenas could prance through Chinatown wearing nothing but a bandolier and smile, and there would be no one to cover it. For today, every member of the District Sports Media Elite will be at the National Cathedral for the memorial service of George Michael, not the singer.
If you are from D.C. [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: With Zorn Gone, the Redskins Can Get Back to Hiring Father/Son Combos?

We now know who the previous Redskins coach was: The Skins fired Jim Zorn.
And, with the 16-game preseason schedule for the 2010 season over after that loss to the San Diego JV, today we'll find out who the next Skins coach will be.
Everybody still says Mike Shanahan is really coming to town. By the time [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Will the Third Coming of Joe Gibbs Keep You from Wearing a Bag?

In case you missed it: For the malnourished print edition, now available in several dozen boxes around the metroplex, I reminisce about the Day Dan Snyder Tried Crushing the Message.
Redskins security seized anti-Snyder paraphernalia at the FedExField gates before the Tampa Bay game a few weeks ago, without any honorable explanation for the seizures. The [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Even Bobby Beathard Goes After Dan Snyder?

I'm hearing that yesterday ESPN jumped on the BeerInTheBathroomsGate™ bandwagon with a story of its own. I knew this was viral...
You don't need to read the Washington Post;s redesigned weather page to forecast the perfect shitstorm that is heading for Raljon on Monday evening.
The rest of the paper has all the evidence. There's no section [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Gary Clark’s Party’s On AGAIN?

Former Redskins great Gary Clark has just issued another party promo:

2009 Redskin Players of the Year Awards and Gridiron Super Bowl Tribute

In a time when some doubt the DOMINANCE of the BURGUNDY and GOLD, we must remember where the fear and the Dominance of the Burgundy & Gold came... It [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Lincecum and Obama Leave Nats Fans Dazed, Confused

This just in: Our Amazin' Nats are a national punchline. First the Wall Street Journal used the team's woes in the lede of its Sonia Sotomayor hearings coverage, comparing the hopelessness of being a Republican senator with the hopelessness of being a Nat.
Then President Barack Obama, in the broadcast booth during the All-Star telecast, told [...]

Evangelical Athletes: Well, at Least They’re Not Running the Country

Via, Beliefnet's list of the "Top 12 Evangelical Christians in Sports Today," which is the kind of thing that makes even a regular Corner reader breath a sigh of relief about last year's election. Some highlights:

It was "God's work" that Curt Schilling was able to pitch with the bloody sock. God doesn't do tsunamis, [...]

Update: SIX Flagging

Dan Snyder's post-prosperous theme park chain, Six Flags, is borrowing a page from the Redskins playbook in an attempt to return to its glory days.
Just as Snyder brought back Joe Gibbs in 2004 with the Redskins hitting bottom, Six Flags is pinning its future to the return of....Mr. Six!
There's been message board chatter about a [...]