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The Best New Washington Football Team Names (So Far)

Earlier today, the U.S. Patent and Trade Office canceled the trademark registrations for the name of the Washington football team, and since then Twitter has gone mad with proposed new names for the franchise (which, naturally, is appealing the ruling).
Here are some of our favorites:
For your consideration.
— Drunk Predator Drone (@drunkenpredator) June 18, 2014

If you want [...]

Will the Weather Be the Same Without Bob Ryan?

In 1996, big snowstorms didn't get fancy names on social media. All we had back then was Bob Ryan.
As the blizzard of '96 (still the third-largest three-day snowfall in recorded D.C. weather history, despite Snowmageddon and its ilk) approached, Ryan was getting punchy. A day or two before the snow arrived, I was home from [...]

The Needle: Vance on the Warpath Edition

Can You Hear Me Now?: Add cell phone bills to the long list of ways the D.C. Council has managed to waste money this year (besides Lincoln Navigators and trips to New Hampshire, of course). Roaming charges and extensive messaging added up to $61,000 in cell phone bills over the last year for the council [...]

ATTENDED: George Michael’s Memorial Service

Liveblogging George Michael’s Memorial Service

City Desk has correspondent Andrew Beaujon filing updates from National Cathedral, where WRC-TV broadcaster George Michael's public memorial service is taking place.
First update: There are about 200 people in attendance, one of them a bagpiper.
Update 11:44: Longtime WRC-TV anchor Jim Vance got up there first, to eulogize the orange-haired TV personality. Vance [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Where’s Dan Snyder? Where’s Dan Snyder’s Crisis PR?

Dan Snyder was in the news a lot while I was on vacation. He's keeping whatever thoughts he has about the Washington Post's series on selling tickets to scalpers and litigation against down-on-their-luck grandmothers to himself.
While some team lawyer nobody ever heard of named David Donovan did radio and print interviews attempting to counter James [...]