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The Needle: Delayed Homicide

Guns Kill People: Former White House press secretary James Brady's death this week was due to injuries suffered when would-be Ronald Reagan assassin John Hinckley shot Brady in the head, the Virginia medical examiner's office ruled. Brady's death counts as a 2014 D.C. homicide for statistics. Don't expect this to do much to help bring sanity to public discourse [...]

Morning Roundup: The ‘Ship Your Pot FedEx to a Former Federal Prosecutor’ Edition; Plus: It’s Friday!

Good morning, Friday! After work today, it's the weekend! Thank you, labor unions!
Have you heard the one about the fake 140-year-old hot dog?
How Batman kicked Superman's ass? ("Holy ass-kicking, Batman!")
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How pot dealers prefer FedEx to UPS ("I mean, if you absolutely, positively have to [...]

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Want to know more about this colossal new local Web venture coming from the people who gave us Politico? Here are some questions and answers:
What's the name going to be?

WaPo Working with Roger Black

The Washington Post is undergoing a remarkable shrinking act, with some sections folding and others taking on more complicated identities. Making it all happen will require some tweaks to the paper's design. The paper's Web site,, has long had layout problems of its own—a crowded homepage that poses something of a gantlet for users [...]

Jim Brady Talks About Leaving will soon be looking for a new executive editor, following today's announcement that Jim Brady will soon be leaving that post. Then again, it may not be looking to fill the slot. Over the next year–or perhaps even the next six months–the Washington Post's newsroom and the Arlington offices of will merge, and [...]

Brady to Leave

Jim Brady, the executive editor of, is stepping down. Marcus Brauchli's memo follows the jump.