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The Needle: Royal Welcome

The British are coming!

Jayson Werth Sentenced to 10 Days in Jail

Werth was caught driving faster than Stephen Strasburg can throw a baseball.

Nationals Magic Number: 12

Today's magic number for the Nats to clinch their division: 12. In this edition, bask in the greatest moment in Nats history.

The Needle: Incognito Thief

Hopped Up: Prince George's County is asking for the public's help to find a a 6-foot-tall gray and white bunny. Police say someone stole the bunny suit from a storage shed in College Park. It's unclear if the perp is wearing the bunny costume. +3 
Almost Brooklyn: The just-opened Brookland's Finest restaurant plans to have stroller parking soon. +2

Swing Music: Jayson Werth’s Walk-Up Tunes

No Major League Baseball game today seems complete without wall-to-wall “entertainment,” whether it’s the peeping eye of the Kiss Cam or a fleet of oversized U.S. presidents dashing about the outfield. Even the strictest baseball purists, though, can delight in one aspect of contemporary baseball ephemera: the walk-up song.
The Washington Nationals have their pick of [...]

The Needle: Obama on H Street NE

Penn Social Philanthrophy: Penn Quarter comedy club-turned-bar Penn Social is throwing a football watch and fundraiser Sunday afternoon to benefit two of the business's bar backs, injured last weekend by a drunk driver. +3
Scuttlebutt: Is Barack Obama dining at H Street's Smith Commons tonight? Rumors say yes. +2

Watch Jayson Werth Win Game 4 for the Nationals

The Washington Nationals will pay Jayson Werth $127 million for the seven years he's under contract with the team. Last night, he might have earned most of his keep in one at-bat. In the bottom of the ninth inning, Werth fought his way back from two strikes to work the count full, fending off 12 pitches [...]

The Needle: Rerouted Edition

Rain On The Parade: Georgia Avenue NW runs pretty far north into Maryland, but not quite all the way to Baltimore. Which is where the D.C. Caribbean Carnival, which in most years has rocked down the avenue in late June, is heading this year. Organizers couldn't get together the $179,000 they owed the city, city [...]

The Needle: Municipal Weapons Edition

Government Guns: When the District's only federally licensed gun dealership closed in April, it was because of the recession (the store lost its lease), not because of overzealous regulations. But the lack of any licensed shop to register firearms in D.C. left the city vulnerable to legal challenges like the one that got the Supreme Court [...]

Jayson Werth Headed South Toward Mendoza?

The two story lines I'm watching in Nats Land right now: The team's dance with a .500 record, and Jayson Werth's journey to a sub-.200 batting average, beneath baseball's fabled Mendoza Line.
After last night's 1-3 performance at the plate in Houston, Werth is hitting .212 on the season. (For the record: The Mendoza Line [...]

Jayson Werth Is Hitting .333, Just Not Around Here

The Jayson Werth Saga™ is turning tragicomic.
Mike Rizzo and the Lerners gifted Werth with the Adam Archuleta Package: A deal nobody could live up to.
And, boy, is he ever not living up to it: Werth's batting .215 at the All-Star Break, and his grounding into a game-ending double-play with the potential winning run on base [...]

Baseball in 1941 vs. Baseball in 2011: DiMaggio vs. Werth?

The older I get, the more pleasure I get from reading old newspapers. So it was a labor of love poring through the Washington Post archives last week for stories on baseball doubleheaders.
I was particularly taken with Shirley Povich's write-up of a1941 doubleheader between the Washington Senators and the New York Yankees.
The game was different, [...]

Welcome to BaseballTown USA, Jayson Werth!

Opening of new Nationals moneyballer Jayson Werth's interview yesterday afternoon on sportstalker WJFK:
LaVar Arrington: "One thing that people might not know about you: You were a track star!"
Jayson Werth: "I think you're talking about my sister."