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New House Oversight Committee Chair Wanted D.C. to Be Part of Maryland

The committee oversees local D.C. affairs.

The Needle: Gooooooaaaalllll!

Hat Trick: D.C. United has two new investors: Indonesian entrepreneur Erick Thohir and sports mogul Jason Levien. Thohir and Levien, who also own portions of the Philadelphia 76ers, will join current United owner Will Chang. Washington Kastles owner Mark Ein thinks the new owners bode well for a stadium at Buzzard Point. +3

The Needle: Ice Cold Edition

Meet the New Boss: For an ambitious young House Republican, overseeing the District isn't a terrible gig. You get to tell 600,000 people what to do, without fear of retribution from any voting members of Congress, and without alienating your constituents back home, who don't particularly care what the federal government's doing to a bunch [...]

The Needle: Congressional Oversight Without Representation Edition

Pretty Please: In the grand hierarchy of actions that seem like good ideas but won't actually amount to a whole lot, "starting a petition drive" falls somewhere a few levels of effectiveness behind "forming a blue-ribbon panel." Which is why we don't have great faith that a petition drive by local civil liberties groups against [...]

The Needle: Day After Edition

It's Just Lunch: One man is at the crest of his political power, having just swept to office unchallenged except by a few write-in votes, a bugler, and the Socialist Workers Party. The other? Well, he's seen better days. Such will be the backdrop as Almost Mayor Vince Gray joins President Obama for lunch on [...]

Chaffetz: Federal Funding Means Congress Can Nix D.C. Gay Marriage Bill

As LL noted this morning, it seems young Jason Chaffetz of Utah is taking the lead in the House of Representatives in attempts to overturn the District's recognition of same-sex marriages.
His hometown newspapers, the Deseret News and the Salt Lake Tribune, both published stories about his involvement today.
Here's what the latter wrote:
While Chaffetz agrees he [...]

Is D.C. House Vote Constitutional? That’s Not for Jason Chaffetz to Decide

In yesterday's Loose Lips Daily, LL referred icily to the anti-District voting rights stance of Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz, who holds firmly that the D.C. House Voting Rights Act is unconstitutional. LL said the new, famously office-dwelling congressman is "playing armchair constitutional expert," seeing as the man holds no law degree and spent his professional [...]

New Utah Rep Against D.C. Congressional Vote

Jason Chaffetz, a Republican about to take Utah's 3rd district congressional seat, says he's not going to support efforts to give D.C. a vote in Congress. So says the Deseret News.
Yeah, yeah—GOP'er against District voting rights; no news there. Why should anyone care what this guy thinks?
Well, the former BYU placekicker is the first member [...]