Mourning Roundup: George Michael, Not the Singer, Edition

Today Gilbert Arenas could prance through Chinatown wearing nothing but a bandolier and smile, and there would be no one to cover it. For today, every member of the District Sports Media Elite will be at the National Cathedral for the memorial service of George Michael, not the singer.
If you are from D.C. [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Guess Who We Blame for Adam Lambert’s Stumble?

Both JLo and Adam Lambert stumbled on stage at the American Music Awards. You don't see that much at these big shindigs, two such polished performers just falling on their ass, given all the prep work that goes into these routines.
Wait just a second... The AMA's...Hmmmm...Isn't that a Dick Clark Productions production?
Why, yes, it is!
And [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Will ‘Dumb’ and ‘Dumber’ Shirts Be Allowed at Snyder’s ‘Night of Quarterbacks’?

In case you missed it: Rocken Rollen Stewart, who showed up at televised sporting events carrying a "John 3:16" sign throughout the 1980s, had his sign removed from a Redskins game at RFK in 1984. So he sued.
And he won. But it took eight years before Stewart was told by the courts he could carry [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Two Free Toppings From PapaJohn’s Ain’t Fulfilling?

Last night's Redskins suckage was more of the whimpering than the banging variety. I'm burned out by the dramatic badness. It's all been said. But I'll say it all again, once more before apathy really sets in.
The Redskins stink. Like, really stink. Jason Campbell  stinks. Dan Snyder stinks. Oh my, does Dan Snyder stink.
Chris Cooley [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Is Now a Good Time for Snyder to Promote ‘Night of Quarterbacks’?

In case you missed it: BeerInTheBathroomsGate™!
All day yesterday, Dan Snyder's radio station, WTEM-AM, was pushing an event called "ESPN-980 Night of Quarterbacks: Three Quarterbacks. Three Generations." That's a dinner produced by Snyder's sportstalker that is, at least for now, scheduled for Nov. 3 at Union Jack's in Ballston. The featured guests, according to the radio [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Jason Campbell Goes 1-for-7; Adam Dunn Goes 2-for-4

Jason Campbell was 1-7 on Saturday night. That stat'd be a cause for concern if a Nats cleanup hitter posted it at the plate. For a QB in a West Coast offense, it's death.
But, it's only preseason, the team won, he's only in the second year of Jim Zorn's offense, he's had several offensive coordinators [...]

Well, There Goes the Next Season

Jason Campbell is on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

Cheap Seats Daily: Michael Vick Inspired ‘Whale Wars’?

Brett Favre's gone, so Michael Vick talk dominates.
Vinny Cerrato yesterday told the Washington Post that the Redskins will not pursue Vick, doggedly or otherwise. But Cerrato has fibbed so many times about personnel matters, most blatantly while acquiring Jason Taylor from Miami last summer, that his credibility in these situations is less than zero. So [...]

Draft Day, a Day Everybody But Jason Campbell Can Enjoy

The Redskins are having another draft party at FedExField tomorrow.
If you can avoid the folks on commission who are trying to sell you club seats and get you on the bogus season ticket Waiting List, it's a fine event.
Even if you don't get caught up in the Sanchez vs. Campbell debate, you can marvel at [...]

Weekend in Review

The news for 'Skins fans is not just that your team has alienated Jason Campbell with its attempt to acquire Jay Cutler. It's also that Plaxico Burress could be there for the taking after he serves some kind of sentence on a gun possession charge in gun-unfriendly New York City. The New York Giants late [...]

I Pity Jason Campbell

All this news about Jay Cutler possibly joining the Redskins is killing me. I've generally ignored the rumors in favor of March Madness and the impossible hope that Skins management have learned its lessons about paying too much for either mediocre players (Archuleta) or over-the-hill stars (Bruce Smith, Jason Taylor, Prime Time). But now I [...]

Sunday’s FedExField Forecast: No Skies of Blue, But Sea of Green

Craigslist has posted more than 1,000 ads for Redskins tickets in its local tickets section since Sunday.
Nearly all the ads, as far as I can tell, are for sales of pairs or groups of tickets to this Sunday's Skins/Eagles game.
Steve Czaban, the voice of the fan on Dan Snyder's sports station, WTEM, called on fans [...]