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The Needle: House of Cheap

Our Hollywood Moment: House of Cards has threatened to stop filming in Maryland unless the state coughs up millions of more dollars in tax credits. Maybe D.C.'s idea to beef up its Hollywood tax incentive program isn't such a bad idea. The Netflix show does, after all, deserve to be filmed in the city that [...]

Wizards Misery Report: The New Most Miserable Record

The Wizards won a game! And promptly lost another one. But that second game doesn't matter as much, since a 1-13 record is innumerably better than a 0-12 record. No one's expecting the Wizards to win rings this year, but at least they won't have the longest futility record in NBA history.
Alas, there's no rest [...]

The Needle: Burglar Bowels Edition

Leave Only Footprints: There's no telling what a burglar will do when he or she breaks into an unattended house—rummage around, take valuables, use the bathroom. That was the modus operandi of whoever broke into a home in Vienna last week. The owners came home to find the doors unlocked, nothing taken, and some shit [...]