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Rep. Jim Moran’s Son Guilty of Beating Up His Girlfriend in Columbia Heights

Patrick Moran, the son of Democratic Virginia Rep. Jim Moran, is having a bad year. First, undercover video operative James O'Keefe caught him on tape half-heartedly discussing how to commit voter fraud...while acting as the field director for his dad's campaign. Now Moran's taken a more criminal turn, pleading guilty earlier today to beating up [...]

The Needle: Gray Goes to China Edition

Beijing Calling: The District government has seen the future, and it is run by the Chinese. First a deputy mayor headed to Shanghai to open a D.C. office there; now Mayor Vince Gray announces he'll lead a mission to visit our future rulers in June. As an economic development prospect, it's not a bad idea; [...]

Morning Roundup: The ‘Put on a Tool Belt and Bug a Senator’s Office’ Edition

Morning, City Desk.
Bad news: Police are "fairly confident" they've found the remains of Morgan Harrington, the 20-year-old Virginia Tech student who disappeared in October after getting separated from her friends at a Metallica concert in Charlottesville. The remains were found at Anchorage Farm by owner David Bass, who said he was out checking fences on [...]