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D.C. Vote Responds to Fist-Pumping Statehood Opponent

James Bopp: getting a little meme-y!
Two days after Bopp fist-pumped his way into infamy after convincing the Republican platform committee to oppose D.C. statehood, D.C. Vote has responded with a tweet saying that it, too, can double fist-pump, attaching this picture.
Now that this is going, the next step is for Bopp to respond with a [...]

Cool Republican Fist Pumps After Opposing D.C. Statehood

Hey, it's Indiana's James Bopp, right after he convinced the GOP platform committee in Tampa to oppose D.C. statehood. What a neat guy, and definitely a serious thinker on statehood.
Wonkette compared Bopp's fist pump to a jock on Glee, but from my personal experience, I can tell that Bopp's subdued but still exultant move is [...]

GOP Platform Has Big Plans for D.C.

Last week's shooting at Tony Perkins' downtown Family Research Council hasn't changed the religious conservative's mind when it comes to the wisdom of allowing more guns to the District. Speaking at the Republican Platform Committee's meeting today, Perkins offered a resolution supporting expanded gun rights in the D.C.
Also on the GOP plank for Washington: a section about [...]