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Will Cory Booker Move to Anacostia?

Newark Mayor Cory Booker, now a senator-elect from New Jersey who once saved a woman from a burning home and opted to live in public housing in Newark, said yesterday that he would "absolutely" consider living in Anacostia when he looks for a place in the District.
CNN's Jake Tapper asked Booker on air Thursday whether he [...]

Kurtz: Still in the Dark

For readers just joining us: In alarming news previously known only to the roughly 33,275 Twitter followers of media critic Howard Kurtz, the influential Washington Post/CNN figure apparently remained without power as night descended.
Kurtz, who endured a five-day storm-induced electricity cut prior to going on vacation, returned home just in time for a second stint [...]

Our Morning Roundup: The (9/11) Truth Hurts

Good morning, City Desk readers, and welcome to another addition of Freedom Friday. How about that Van Jones, huh? Obama's enviroczar yodeled down on himself an avalanche of hate after a video of him calling Republicans "assholes" was found on the internet and explicated by the savants at FOX News. Why this irritated Sean Hannity [...]

Our Morning Roundup: D.C. Gets Not Just Real Housewives, But Real Worlders

Good morning City Desk readers, and welcome to an especially vapid installment of Freedom Friday. A few weeks back, yours truly ran into a friend of a friend while picking up some necessities at the CVS on 14th St. in Columbia Heights. Said friend was printing out headshots for his Real World tryout. Yet at [...]

Jake Tapper Gets The Spotlight

This morning I did something I rarely do on Twitter. I wrote what was exactly on my mind (which I guess is the point of twitter). I typed out: "Jake Tapper had the best question at the Obama press conference." I sat there last night watching the Obama press conference like it was event television. [...]

A Note to Tapper & Kornheiser: If You Love Print So Much, Why Go On Tube?

Jake Tapper is an illustrious alum of Washington City Paper. He was a writing machine when he worked here. Now he works as White House correspondent for ABC News. He recently said in an interview, "I am at heart a print reporter, and I think that that's where [my blogging jones] comes from."
Tony Kornheiser is [...]

Did Pepsi Steal Obama’s Message?

Thank you New York Times. The out-of-town paper has noticed something that's been irking me for weeks: Obama's slogans, campaign themes, image, and logo have been co-opted by corporations and plastered all around the District. Obama is on buses, Metro cards, the radio and TV. Ikea has a new slogan: "Change Begins At Home." There's [...]