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District Line Daily: Remembering Marion Barry

The city reflects on the death of its mayor-for-life.

David Morrison Dies at 59

Turn your attention, if you have a moment, to this appreciation, from early Washington City Paper editor Jeff Stein, of the journalist David Morrison. Then—and you may want to set aside the rest of your work day—click to "Me & My Monkey," a harrowing, anonymously bylined Washington City Paper cover story that still holds a [...]

Where Are The Women And Non-White Media Critics?

A hearty congratulations to City Paper alum Andrew Beaujon on accepting a gig at Poynter as the site's "new Romenesko." There, he'll be writing a media blog edited by Julie Moos that will replace the work of Jim Romenesko, who left Poynter last year and launched his own blog.
With all of the changes happening in journalism, [...]

Post Ladyblog “Anchor” On The Defensive

Earlier today Poynter—a journalism site about journalism—hosted a chat with the Post's Melinda Henneberger and Reuters' Jack Shafer about the new Post ladyblog, She The People.
Shafer, a former City Paper editor, contends (sort of like we did—though more optimistically) that creating a ghetto of Content For Women holds back writers and hurts readership. But Henneberger, who serves [...]

The Annie Le Media Fest: It’s Not Just About the Ivies

As Jack Shafer observes in yesterday's column, the Annie Le murder has received the sort of national coverage usually reserved for celebrity deaths and award-show gaffes. To wit, Shafer's incomplete but telling catalog:
The New York Times...has already published five articles about Le's disappearance and murder and the apprehension of suspect Raymond Clark III. The Boston [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Don’t Ask About Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

Good morning, City Desk readers, and welcome to a balmy addition of Freedom Friday. Last week I wrote that police in Mississippi arrested Pete Eyre, Adam Mueller, and Jason Talley of the Motorhome Diaries for filming a traffic stop. Thanks to the support of many liberty-minded folks the country over, the boys received $2,580 in [...]

Jack Shafer Throws Maureen Dowd a Bone on Plagiarism

Colleague Mike Riggs has already noted a few wrinkles in the Maureen Dowd-Josh Marshall plagiarism incident.
Putting it bluntly, Riggs says: "Dowd stole some shit and admitted it." Fair enough.
In Slate, Jack Shafer has an uncharacteristically mellow view of the proceedings. After chiding, "Bad, Dowd, bad—deserving of hard time in a pillory!," Shafer proceeds to exonerate [...]

Scroll Over, Beethoven

I understand that every publication on the interwebs is trying to crack the whole 'monetizing' nut, but these scrollovers really take things too far.
Take Slate. This a.m., I stole three minutes from actual work to read up on the essentials—you know, my daily dose of counterintuitive rhetorical questions and columns on the best way to [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Leave the John Alone!

After learning that someone had posted the transcript from last weekend's prostitution sting on City Desk and the Sexist, I had to ask myself: What the fuck is our problem? Aren't we the alternative weekly in town? Aren't finger-wagging and gotcha blog items the purview of the nannying prudes at the Post and the Examiner, [...]

Our Morning Roundup

Everyone misses the Cold War.
Interesting murder trial in the Va. 'burbs: Fawn Scott stabs and kills her boyfriend, says it's self defense, but gets charged with murder nonetheless. Scott isn't a very sympathetic defendant, but it's still hard to believe she didn't act to save her life.
Banned in Beijing. No hustling! Also, math is hard.
Screw [...]