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Leslie Johnson Gets 12 Months and One Day in Prison

What a way to end your career. Cash-in-bra stuffer Leslie Johnson follows in the footsteps of her husband Jack Johnson, who was sentenced to 7 years in prison last week. She's got  sentence of her own for corruption charges, handed down by the same judge who sentenced her husband.
Johnson, 60, had faced up to 18 [...]

Jack Johnson Gets Sentenced Today—UPDATE: Gets 87 Months in Federal Prison

We're waiting to hear what the sentence will be for former Prince George's County Executive Jack Johnson, who was convicted of soliciting up to $1,000,000 in bribes (thousands of which he requested his wife stuff in her bra when his home was raided). The Times speculates on what the sentence will be:
“In this case, under [...]

The Needle: Valentine’s Play Edition

Passion Play: The National Museum of Crime and Punishment has drawn the ire of Hollaback DC, which says the museum's "Crimes of Passion" exhibit mocks domestic violence victims. Attendees of the exhibit are handcuffed to their partners as they tour the museum; a few special posters accompany existing exhibits showcasing dashing romantics like Bonnie and [...]

The Needle: Dave Matthews Next for FBI? Edition

Trouble in Ward 9: At first, news that federal agents had arrested Jack Johnson at his home this morning was a little confusing; soft rock is annoying, but weren't there worse offenders, like David Gray, Dave Matthews, or that idiot who said that crazy shit to Playboy? Upon further review, though, it seemed the Jack [...]

If Everything’s Fratty, Nothing Is

What do we mean when we call a Will Ferrell movie, a Jack Johnson album, or a trucker hat "fratty"?
Like "hipster," the "frat" denomination uses interchangeable stereotypes to connote arrested development: College-age dudes in madras shorts, Ralph Lauren polos, flip-flops, puka shell necklaces, and backwards baseball caps, chugging 16 oz. cans of Natural Light while [...]