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D.C. Cop Accused of Cheating Had High Standards

One of the city's favorite cops is likely to face discipline. Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans sent a letter in support of Assistant Chief Diane Groomes, and many of the cop's supporters are hoping for leniency. But complicating that request might be this: Among Metropolitan Police Department officers, Groomes is known [...]

Georgetown Again Turns to Russians for Swanky Gala

Although the Russian Embassy isn't located in Georgetown, the city's oldest neighborhood will host its swanky fall gala there. Again.
As The Georgetown Dish recently reported, the Oct. 15 fall gala hosted by the Citizens Association of Georgetown, will take place within the safe confines of the Russian Embassy complex, one of the most austere and [...]

Candidates Swarm Stinky Palisades Parade

While Palisades residents love their annual July 4 parade and the throngs of local politicians and would-be politicians it brings to their leafy Ward 3 neighborhood, they might be already regretting it.

Fenty & His Cheat Sheets: Loose Lips Daily

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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT—"Michael Price's Ex-Lover Forced To Testify At Wone Trial," "Librarian Layoffs Rattle Cleveland Park," "World Cup Roundup: Brazil Backers Blitz Bethesda Bar," "Affordable [...]

The Meaning Behind Today’s Human Safety Net Protest

At 8:30 this morning, Save Our Safety Net organizers will be surrounding the Wilson Building with what they are calling a "human safety net." City Desk reached out to the Net's media rep Joni Podschun to explain the meaning behind their latest protest. She responded via e-mail with the details.
So how many humans [...]

Shovel Patrol: Jack Evans

Washington City Paper embarked Sunday afternoon upon an SUV-assisted inspection of various notable persons' sidewalks. Did they comply with their civic duty to clear walkways for pedestrians within eight daylight hours after the snowfall ended?

Jack Evans
Position: Ward 2 councilmember
Address: 3141 P St. NW (Georgetown)

Elected AG: Was Peter Nickles For It Before He Was Against It?

After yesterday's 12-1 D.C. Council vote to turn his job from a mayoral appointment to an elected position, Attorney General Peter Nickles called the legislation a disaster.
Councilmember Phil Mendelson says Nickles flip-flopped on the issue.
During yesterday's run up to the vote, Mendelson circulated a memo to his colleagues on the dais providing a timeline of Nickles' [...]

Jack Evans Saves the Black Rooster

As DCist has already noted, the Black Rooster has been revived, Lazarus-like, from the dead.
Playing Jesus in this scenario, says owner Jody Taylor, would be Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans.
"The Black Rooster will crow again," Taylor says. Asked what happened to prompt the reversal of fortune for what had been slated to become a General [...]

I Saw Jack Evans Breaking the Law

Yesterday morning, I perked up as I spotted good ol' Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans driving onto P Street NW, presumably headed for a tough day of council labor. I waved to the guy but got no acknowledgment.
Perhaps he didn't see me, and for a bad reason: He had a cell phone planted in his [...]

Councilmember Alexander Raises Concerns Over AG Nickles

In our running poll of the D.C. Council's Judiciary Committee members regarding AG Peter Nickles' conduct, we finally reached Councilmember Yvette Alexander.
Nickles has come under fire recently for his office's conduct in a Pershing Park civil suit. District evidence has either been destroyed or lost and discovery continues to be a problem in that case. [...]

Jack Evans Says He Still Supports Peter Nickles

Councilmember Jack Evans is sticking by controversial AG Peter Nickles. Last week, a U.S. District Court judge strongly condemned the OAG's conduct surrounding a Pershing Park civil suit in which discovery has taken at least five years, and crucial evidence has gone missing or been destroyed. Yesterday, we highlighted one particularly egregious screw-up involving a [...]

Beloved D.C. Council Staffer Dies in Baltimore Drowning

Desi Deschaine, 29, a fixture in local politicking over the last decade and recently a staff member for Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans, has died after drowning in Baltimore.
Jeff Coudriet, a top Evans deputy, says that Deschaine had gone on a Chesapeake Bay boat trip Sunday with a man he'd been dating. The boat had [...]

Civil Gang Injunctions Again Foiled by D.C. Council

Two weeks ago, the D.C. Council engaged in a knock-down fight over anti-crime legislation—in particular, over so-called 'civil gang injunctions.' They were at it again today, rehashing the debate regarding the permanent version of the bill. But the outcome was much the same.
A compromise of sorts was in the works today: Councilmembers Jim Graham, Jack [...]

District Revenues Keep Falling, Gandhi Says

In what's become a quarterly tradition around these parts, Chief Financial Officer Natwar M. Gandhi announced this afternoon that projected city revenues over the next few years are again being revised downward.
The bottom line: The mayor and council have to find at least $190 million to balance this year's budget, which runs until Sept. 30. [...]

One Veteran Cop on the Crime Bill Grandstanding

Today, the various crime bills are being debated as I write this item. You can read the complete and competing bills here. The Post has gathered up the pro and con surrounding the controversial proposal to take gangs or gang members to civil court. The Post writes:
The provision — drafted by the administration of Mayor [...]