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Bad Timing: Italian Embassy to Host Wolf Blitzer for Journalism Award

When the organizers of Italy's Urbino Press Award in D.C. looked for a reporter to honor, Wolf Blitzer must have looked like a perfect choice. After 23 years at CNN, Blitzer couldn't be a less controversial example of American journalism. And then the Boston marathon bombings—and CNN's comical misreporting of their aftermath—happened.
Blitzer spent much of [...]

World Cup Roundup: An Historic Oversight at the Embassy of Japan

Clearly, not everyone is playing hooky from work during World Cup action this week. "We weren't planning on having a screening of the game," an official at the Embassy of Japan told City Desk following the Asian nation's Monday morning clash with African favorite Cameroon. An historic oversight, it turns out. Spoiler Alert! Japan's newfound glory would come as news to our contact [...]