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Blogger Sues to Get Her Muhammad Cartoon Ads on Metro

"Anti-jihad" activist wants cartoons on buses.

D.C. Could Get Another Round of Anti-Muslim Ads

She's back! "Anti-jihad" blogger Pamela Geller, whose definition of jihad seems to be "everyone who is Muslim," could soon run a set of controversial ads in the District. No, not that one. Not that one, either.
This time, Geller is mad about a series of "Israeli Apartheid" ads that have run in New York. In response, [...]

Mystery Quran Verses Appearing Around D.C.

It's like bizarro Pam Geller! A Muslim activist has taken a cue from the anti-Muslim blogger and starting posting Quranic verses around town—but this time, instead of belligerent-sounding quotes, this Metro poster has chosen more positive ones.
While Geller opted for a plane flying into the World Trade Center backdrop her ads, the new signs—part of [...]

New 9/11 Ads Headed to Metro

The cycle spawned by the Muslim savage ads on the Metro is about to get even more incendiary. The American Freedom Defense Initiative, the group behind the original ads, wants to launch a whole new ad campaign, this time with evocative images of the Twin Towers.
The new ad, which uses a menacing quote from the [...]

D.C. Won’t Vandalize My Ads, Says Woman Whose Ads Keep Getting Vandalized

New York's transit system is facing a vandalism miniepidemic over some Islamophobic ads. The ads have been plastered with "racist" stickers, and writer Mona Eltahawy was arrested Tuesday for spray-painting them.
When the ads come to D.C.—and they probably will, despite opposition from Metro—will the city see a similar wave of vandalism?
No way, emails blogger and [...]

National Geographic Exhibit on Muslim Inventions Under Fire

Washington: Not even the museums are safe from controversies. The paranoiacs who work in the euphemistic "anti-jihad" field are all in a tizzy over an exhibit about Muslim scientists that's currently up at the National Geographic Museum.
The chief detractor of the exhibit, which is called "1,001 Inventions," is J. Christian Adams, a former Justice Department [...]