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The Needle: Board of Elections and Iranian Hackers Edition

Forget Fenty, Write In Ahmadinejad: Turns out the University of Michigan wasn't the only place hacking into D.C. elections computers recently. Iranian and Chinese hackers also managed to access a test site set up by the Board of Elections and Ethics to demonstrate online voting for overseas Washingtonians. This doesn't explain the long delays in [...]

Dancing in the Street to Support Iran

Major intersections downtown might be crowded today with people dancing to their iPods in large groups.  Why?  To show their solidarity for the Iranian elections, of course.  In all seriousness though, the Georgetown chapter of Project Nur is planning a series of flash mobs that will take place throughout the city as a way of [...]

Our Morning Roundup: One Day At A Time Edition

Throughout yesterday, more details about the Metro crash were released, including the names of the nine individuals who died in Monday afternoon's accident. City Desk also reported that the train that hit the stopped train outside Fort Totten was 2 months overdue for its brake maintenance service.  The train that initiated the crash was also [...]

Obama Press Conference Wrap-Up: Finally

Just when the media was about to give up on President Obama and reported that his approval ratings were dropping off, he held a press conference and turned the sinking ship around.  For the past week, Obama has been criticized for his lack of comments on the Iranian election situation but today, he finally responded [...]