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Here’s What That App That Helps You Avoid “Sketchy” Areas Says About D.C.

A new iPhone app co-founded by former District residents called SketchFactor launched Friday. It's the latest attempt to crowdsource the entirely subjective impressions a lot of people have of the cities they live in, in the name of public safety. Ostensibly, the idea is to help people avoid "sketchy" areas, but even the app's creators acknowledged before [...]

This D.C. Store Has a Machine to Dry Your Wet Cell Phone

Tens of thousands of cell phones suffer water damage each day, according to Ralph Caparotti, a co-owner of the new ZAGG cell phone repair shop downtown. He wants to be the guy who dries them.
The ZAGG franchise, located at 1204 G Street NW, recently leased a DryBox Rescue machine—the only one of its kind in the D.C. region, Caparotti says—that promises [...]

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The Needle: iShop Edition

Live Like DSK: Always wanted to lead the life of a self-important French politician, but never had the right real estate to do it? You're in luck! The Georgetown home former IMF head, former rape defendant, and erstwhile-next-French-prime-minister Dominique Strauss-Kahn and his wife Anne Sinclair own is on the market, for the low, low price of [...]

The Needle: MLK Dedication (For Real) Edition

MLK Memorial, Take Two: The last time the new memorial to Martin Luther King Jr. was scheduled for a dedication ceremony, a tropical storm got in the way. This weekend, the weather's set to be perfect for the rescheduled event. (Yes, there was a tornado last night near Quantico, Va., but the ceremony isn't until [...]

The Needle: Hot Hot Heat Edition

You Can Dance If You Want To: Future scholars of social movements may well look back on May 2011 as the month it became safe to dance. Because up to now, the U.S. Park Police arrests of dancers at the Jefferson Memorial was merely a funny story; all of a sudden, it's a political protest. [...]

Kal Penn’s Alleged Mugger Arrested (But Not Convicted)

Actor Kal Penn (Kalpen Modi) was mugged the last time he was in the District. Now he's returning—and it turns out his robber was arrested months ago, but is still in judicial limbo.
Penn, who was working for the Obama administration as a staffer until he quit in April to film another Harold and Kumar [...]

The Needle: God Hates Phelps Edition

Ah, Free Speech: If you were wondering who the angry, crazy looking folks screaming outside the Supreme Court building this morning were, wonder no more—they were members of a radical sect of misguided fundamentalists the Westboro Baptist Church, who descended on the District from their Topeka, Kansas, lair to give moral support as their lawyers [...]

Our Morning Roundup: You Don’t Have to Sell Hot Dogs Edition

Good morning, Washington. Looks like there'll be no rest for the sweaty today, with forecasters saying this could be the hottest day of the year thus far and predicting temperatures in the triple digit range. The recent heat hasn't been kind to local train systems, which have been experiencing a number of heat-related delays.
The D.C. [...]

‘Thank you, Steve': Geeks Gather, Protesters Picket at Georgetown’s New Apple Shop

Witness the hoopla surrounding the opening of Georgetown's newfangled Apple store on Friday afternoon. Special correspondent Kim Chi Ha reports rather appropriately via iPhone: "Lol there's like 30 ppl in line already," she texts at 3:33 p.m. "It's hot as fuck out here."

Kumar Actor to Armed Mugger: ‘What Do You Need?’

When a stranger appeared out of the dark  and stuck a dark-colored semi-automatic handgun in his face last week, actor-turned-Obama staffer Kal Penn coolly responded, "What do you need?"  To which, the armed mugger replied, "Everything, turn around & get down on the ground."
That's according to the official police report of the incident, obtained by City Desk.
Another [...]

Our Morning Roundup: The “Technology Has Exceeded Our Humanity” Edition

Have you thanked a veteran today? What are you waiting for? Technology is only getting faster! That’s right, soon you will be able to thank a veteran by using a technology chip in your mind! (No, there’s no actual link to that…it's just a theory.)
Can’t remember if the Georgetown Circulator exists? Download the new iPhone app! [...]

Hey iPhoners: Download the D.C. Public Library App!

Contrary to popular belief, every once in a while, LL likes to point out cool, positive things the D.C. government is up to.
Like this: The D.C. Public Library has an iPhone application. And it's great!
It lets you search the library catalog, place a hold on a book, and have it sent to the branch of [...]