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The Needle: Hot Hot Heat Edition

You Can Dance If You Want To: Future scholars of social movements may well look back on May 2011 as the month it became safe to dance. Because up to now, the U.S. Park Police arrests of dancers at the Jefferson Memorial was merely a funny story; all of a sudden, it's a political protest. [...]

Watch Our Bob Woodward Impression!

The Washington Post has decided, apparently, that iPads are the way of the future. And to encourage people to read the paper in the future, they turned to... the Post's past, cutting an ad for their new iPad app that features Bob Woodward and Ben Bradlee (relegating actual working Posties like Dana Milbank, Chris Cillizza, [...]

Morning Roundup: Three Ways to Remember J.D. Salinger

Good morning, Friday! Forecast: snow on the way, but maybe not so much.
In trying to abide our New Year's resolutions (see No. 7), we didn't mention a thing about Metro's  10-cent fare hike yesterday! So: here, now, are a few links, in case you want to read someone else's reporting on this. OK, just one [...]