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Is Beyoncé Wearing A D.C. Designer’s Necklace in Her Instagram Photo?

On Tuesday afternoon, Beyoncé posted a pretty standard Beyoncé photo on Instagram. Blue Ivy wasn't in it, nor was Jay Z, Beyoncé wasn't performing, and there were no inspirational messages from the icon. It was just an awkward cut-off selfie of her neck with the caption "Honey Honey," followed by a bee emoticon, a reference to the honeycomb [...]

The Needle: Identity Crisis

The Case for Statehood: A TSA agent questioned a woman's D.C. license because it was not a "state-issued" ID.  -5
D.C. Intellects: A new map tracks where the most people in the District are posting to Instagram from. At one point in the last 24 hours, more people were posting from Nellie's Sports Bar than any D.C. [...]

MPD Expands Its Klout With Instagram

The already social media-savvy Metropolitan Police Department announced yesterday that it's been using Instagram to communicate with D.C. residents in the hopes of solving open investigations.
The department has had the account, DCPOLICDEPT, for about eight weeks, and has posted 23 photos. It currently has 114 followers.Its posts largely consist of pictures and descriptions of missing [...]

Washington City Paper Develops New Photo Technology

Facebook just bought Instagram for $1 billion. So this is as good a time as any to announce that Washington City Paper has developed technology that will allow users to find and share photos that have the look and feel of images up to 30 years old. "Such a retro look only comes with age and the [...]