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Photos: Inaugural Gala

Photo: Mayor Vincent Gray

Mayoral Inauguration, Convention Center. © 2010 Matt Dunn

The 2009 Limerick Review

The year started off on the Mall
(If you weren't a purple tic thrall)
We stood there and shivered
As Barry delivered
A moment for years to recall
Come summer, nine people were lost
When train control signals got crossed
Commutes were enraging
Since Metro is aging
But fixing it comes at great cost
A self-proclaimed pol "who is moral"
Turned stalkerish after a quarrel
It got [...]

Report Cites Obvious Problems With Inauguration

The Post reported today that a report by Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies has pointed out several obvious flaws with the inauguration. The report: "pointed to insufficient signs, poor coordination among law enforcement agencies and a lack of personnel to keep order and provide information to visitors." By now everyone who attended the inauguration [...]

Audit of Inaugural Security?

Just another case-in-point attesting to why the official probe is Washington's biggest industry. In the aftermath of the inauguration, the Washington Post gave air to complaints from high-flying Obama donors that they weren't frisked extensively enough before being allowed into sensitive areas. If ever there was a more pointed affirmation of a charmed life–complaining about [...]

Our Morning Roundup: School Is In Session

DCist reports on some economists who studied the impact of the inauguration. So did it boost the local economy? We know Ben's made out. We know the renters did not.
Frozen Tropics reports on some Catholic University architecture students who are studying H Street transportation. Next study topic: Benning Road. Please. Study it.
Southwest...The Little Quadrant That [...]

Inauguration Photo Contest: Everyone’s a Winner!

A note of thanks to all those who contributed to our Inauguration Flickr pool. Just eighteen days ago, we sent out a call for dope/avant-garde photographs chronicling this seminal/historic/generally rad moment in D.C. history. The pool swelled to a whopping 699 photographs, from which Darrow Montgomery somehow managed to extract the finest three...or [...]

Not Enough Security at Inauguration?

A while back the Onion and the Washington Post struck a partnership of sorts, and so I thought that a bit of the former's news coverage had bled onto the latter's Web site when I read this: "VIPs: Lack of Security 'Absurd'"
The story, and it's a good one, is that big-time Obama campaign [...]

Dionne Warwick Defends Self Over Ball Flap

As loyal readers know, I have recently been given the coveted beat of covering Dionne Warwick almost full time. Warwick was to host one of the American Music Inaugural Balls–specifically the Legends Ball. The Legends Ball, along with the Urban Ball, were canceled at the last minute. This left a lot of people pissed off [...]

How Did Law Enforcement Mess Up Obama’s Inauguration?

In the early morning hours of the inauguration, it became clear that law enforcement as well as the Presidential Inaugural Committee had inadequate plans in place. The Washington Post today does a great job running down the mistakes. Ironically, it was the ticket holders—the ones that hustled to get these much prized slots, put their [...]

Inauguration Lies, Cont.

First, the flubbed oath. Then, the debate over whether Joe Biden was president during the Yo-Yo Ma song. And now we find out that Yo-Yo Ma & Co. were miming!
Was anything about this inauguration legit?

National Mall Still Full Of Shit

This afternoon, I posted about possibility that parts of the National Mall will have to be restored due to millions of people trampling its grass on inauguration day. Well, I went down to the Mall this afternoon. More than two days after Obama's swearing in, the portable toilets are still on the Mall. Hundreds of [...]

Dionne Warwick Speaks Out On Ball Juggling Failure

The Post's Reliable Source reached Dionne Warwick about the failure that was the American Music Inaugural Balls. We've been chronicling it from the beginning, noting the fallout and the prospect of a lawsuit over the balls' sudden cancellation. We reached out yesterday to the pr firm that was handling the "red carpet" pro bono and [...]

National Mall May Need To Be Restored

WTOP reports that 3.8 million feet trampled the National Mall during Obama's inauguration. That's what you get when you want an inauguration for the people! The National Park Service plans on assessing the potential damage in the coming days:
"A bond has been set aside for the National Park Service to refurbish the National Mall. The [...]

Our Late-Morning Roundup: “Malt Flickr” Edition!

An extremely rare feature, in which we recognize the contributions of our Flickr minions by way of distracting you from the fact that Riggs has neglected to write his Morning Roundup.
Thanks to all who entered our 2009 Inauguration Photo Contest. To date, we've collected 547 photo entries, many of which are reasonably dope. [...]