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Police Brass Nearly Brawled At Inauguration

Every four years, the District's at the center of the world for the presidential inauguration. Revelers visit from all over the world, and Washington is put on display. It's the kind of unique event that could only be marred by, say, two high-ranking policemen lining up to trade some blows and anti-gay slurs.
That's exactly what [...]

A Grumpy Man’s Guide to Riding the Metro on Inauguration Day

Things looked good at first on Metro today.
The way down was a breeze, at least relative to '09. Back then, I remember being stuck in the L'Enfant Plaza station for more than an hour, waiting for the enormous crowd to move the 50-some feet from the train to the turnstiles. A woman fainted, and no [...]

How to Get Ahead on the Mall

Expect crowds. One of the first pieces of advice given to inaugural ticketholders and, based on their behavior this morning, one of the first to be forgotten. You can't really blame them for being upset: some traveled thousands of miles and fought aggressively to get tickets, thinking this would get them a front row seat [...]

Napkin Sketch: Watching the Inauguration at the Wilson Building

George W. Bush’s Second Inauguration vs. Barack Obama’s Second Inauguration

In 2005, former President George W. Bush was sworn in for a second term in a ceremony featuring ex-Lawrence Welk Show star Guy Hovis singing a patriotic ditty composed by former Attorney General John Ashcroft.

Today, President Barack Obama was sworn in for a second term in a ceremony featuring Beyoncé singing the national anthem.
Who says [...]

Uptown, Downtown

The inauguration didn't so much lock down federal Washington today as it did devour it. Starting at around I Street NW, the security perimeter around the parade route had had idling MetroBuses and National Guard HumVees at almost every corner to block traffic. (Between 7th and 9th streets, there was another perimeter farther north, keeping [...]

Attend the Inauguration, Go Home With an Obama Condom

Many of the thousands of people on the National Mall today will leave with a new Barack Obama T-shirt or hat. But Jesse Meyerson, an employee of novelty condom company Say It With a Condom, hopes they'll leave with something else: his Romney- and Obama-themed prophylactics.
The condoms are one for $5, three for $10. Myerson says [...]

At Meridian Hill Park, Inauguration Protesters Bring the Right Props

While the rest of Washington headed to the inauguration (or stayed in bed), protesters used President Barack Obama's second sweating in as a chance to head to Meridian Hill Park to push assorted anti-war causes (drone warfare, the National Defense Authorization Act, the continued imprisonment of Bradley Manning) and listen to Neil Young covers.
The props [...]

Put Your Memory in Motion

Fourteenth and U was swelling as I stumbled out of the Gibson around 2:30 a.m. on Saturday—the time D.C.'s busiest intersection for nightlife would be winding down on a normal weekend. On this evening, the whole street seemed to be in a highball haze, and it still had a couple hours to go. For worse [...]

Four More Years! No More Cars!

If for some reason you've decided to drive into the District from Maryland this morning for the inauguration, you could do worse than to take Georgia Avenue toward downtown. Riding my bike south from Petworth, I had pretty much the whole street to myself, as you can see above (the photo is looking north at [...]

The Inauguration Circus

Unless you’re planning to arrive before dawn, expect your travel down to the National Mall to take a while this Inauguration Monday. The parade route down Pennsylvania Avenue NW and the security perimeter around the U.S. Capitol mean pedestrians will have to enter the Mall from the west or south. Capital Bikeshare plans to close [...]

Hotel Offering “Social Media Butler” for Inauguration Guests

Dreaming about inaugural decadence is fun, but no one would actually do this, part of the Madison Hotel's $47,000 inauguration package, right?
Dedicated Social Media Butler, Anchor Media’s Victoria Devine to chronicle your Inaugural experience so your friends and family can follow your adventures on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. The Social Media Butler will post [...]

Inaugural Ball Ticket Losers Want A Second, Rival Ball

Inaugural ball tickets were supposed to go on sale today, but Ticketmaster accidentally started sales over the weekend. Lots of people who were waiting for the actual on-sale date aren't packing away their gowns for 2017 just yet. Instead, they're taking their concerns to the place where all the great issues of our time eventually [...]

District Line Daily: No One’s Puppet

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Happy Friday in the District, except maybe for Jim Graham and Marion Barry, who were counting [...]

The 4 Least Essential Items in the Obama Inauguration Store

The inauguration is just weeks away, and maybe you really want to score some official inauguration gear, for reasons known only to you. Here's your chance! The Presidential Inauguration Committee has launched its online shop, with a physical store at 1155 F St. NW to open at an as-yet-undecided later.
But some Obama/Biden souvenirs are better [...]