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The Needle: Sinkholed

Fiddlesticks: Hey sinkhole, you could've been cool! We tried to roll with the big boys, but now Illinois and Florida are just laughing at us. -3
Anarchy: Staff at BlackSalt restaurant in Palisades are so sick of waiting for taxis to come and pick up patrons that they're starting their own car service. Is this a [...]

Football’s Davis Brothers Put on a Clinic

DC's own Vernon and Vontae Davis, the 3rd set of brothers ever to be drafted #1 in the NFL, will come home to put on a free youth football clinic this Saturday at their alma mater, Dunbar.
Along with being Exhibit A on how much gridiron talent can be found within the underappreciated DCIAA, the Davis [...]

Hey State of Illinois: Can’t You Get Your Own Lincoln Outfit?

State of Illinois, have some pride. You're the land of Lincoln. You boast of that heritage, on all kinds of official items and tourist appeals.
So you'd think that for the biggest inaugural parade in history, you could come up with your own, authentic, distinctive Lincoln costume for your state society treasurer or some other [...]

Blagojevich Complaint: Just Read It

LL doesn't oft delve into the national political world. But he will today.
Read the criminal complaint [PDF] filed today by federal prosecutors against Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich. Just read it. Start on Page 54.
So much for No Drama Obama!
Here's just one good passage: "ROD BLAGOJEVICH said that the consultants (Advisor B and another consultant are [...]