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Photos: Silent March for Victims of LGBT Violence

Slideshow. Columbia Heights to 17th and R streets NW. March 20. © 2012 Matt Dunn

Sen. Tom Coburn: Columbia Heights Isn’t “Underserved”

It's hard to believe that Oklahoma's Republican Sen. Tom Coburn has ever been to the IHOP in Columbia Heights' DCUSA shopping center. In his 2011 "Wastebook," a guide to what he considers wasteful government spending, Coburn lists the subsidy received by Jackson Investment Company as the sixth most egregious (thanks to New Columbia Heights for pointing [...]

The Needle: The D.C. 41 Edition

Fight the Power: Scholars of social movements have seen it before—first, a moment of triumph, then, the whole thing descends into bickering. And so it is that the day after Mayor Vince Gray and a quorum of the D.C. Council were arrested by Capitol Police in a protest of D.C.'s lack of autonomy and voting [...]

November in Photos

Photos: Short Stacks

IHOP, Irving Street NW, November 23

The Needle: International Pancakes Edition

D.C. Don't Stand for Dodge City: And now, time for more '90s nostalgia, as a new ranking lists the District as the fourth-most dangerous large-ish city in the country, behind only Detroit, Memphis, and Baltimore. (Among all cities, the report puts D.C. 22nd.) The actual value of the report has already been widely called into [...]

Can You Still Go To Brunch? Yes. Target? No.

So what the hell is actually open right now? Plenty. The District still loves to eat brunch even in these conditions. Here is a list of places currently open for business. We will update throughout the day:
3:10 p.m. Update:
The Diner: The Adams Morgan restaurant is open. It has no plans on shutting down its 24-hour [...]

Afternoon Non-Scoop: IHOP Might Be Coming To Columbia Heights

Pancakes are in. Organic tofu is out. The Washington Business Journal is reporting that IHOP is in talks to move into the DCUSA behemoth. DCist is on board. Prince of Petworth appears to have scooped everyone. POP wonders what people think. We wonder, too.

Our Morning Roundup

Bloomingdale (for now) observes the slow neglect of a huge brick home on Seaton Place. "16 months have passed, and the tyvek wrap continues to blow off the building, exposing the wood underneath to the elements. enormous amounts of water from the rains of the last year must have managed to seep down into the [...]