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Weather Report: It’s Too Early to Know If Hurricane Joaquin Will Hit D.C.

“We’ll see what it does within the next 48 hours, whether it comes inland.”

The Bloomingdale Horseman of the Apocalypse?

Bloomingdale floods whenever the sky gets cloudy, so naturally, with Hurricane Sandy approaching, far stranger things are happening on the streets there.

The Needle: Wrath of God Edition

Look Out Below: When Michele Bachmann (a House member from Minnesota, currently pretending that she's got some chance of being elected president of the entire United States) said the recent earthquake and hurricane in D.C. were an indication God wanted Congress to cut spending, it was easy to laugh. Today's accident at the Washington National [...]

Pepco: Get Ready for Failure!

With Hurricane Irene on its way and the District under a tropical storm warning, Pepco has been making robocalls to power customers around D.C., warning that power will probably go out and stay out for a while.
"We strongly urge you to prepare now for the very real possibility of power outages this weekend," the calls [...]