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Office Space Joke Gets GWU Student a Visit from Police

Office Space jokes: They're dated, but are they also threatening? Referencing the 1999 comedy earned one George Washington University a visit from campus police earlier this week, as well a request to sign a statement saying that he wouldn't burn down university buildings.
The trouble for freshman Ryan W. Moorman started on Wednesday, according to the [...]

Landrum to Sietsema: You Could Have At Least Called

Leave it to Michael Landrum, the self-proclaimed "Improprietor" of Ray's the Steaks, Ray's the Classics, and Ray's Butcher Burgers, to post this love note to Tom Sietsema after the Washington Post critic's recent dust-up over a First Bite review of the Commissary:
The one thing that doesn't make sense to me about this whole thing is [...]