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The Blotter, Animal Edition: Dogs Fighting Doesn’t Always Mean Dog Fighting

Mace-Off: On April 8, a caller tipped off Humane Law Enforcement (HLE) to alleged dog fighting on the 1900 block of Naylor Road SE. When an officer arrived, he discovered that wasn't exactly the case. Though two dogs were locked in combat, the situation was entirely accidental. A dog had escaped from a yard and attacked another dog being [...]

The Blotter, Animal Edition: Gilbert Arenas For the Ethical Treatment of Fur Coats

Fur You: If you spotted a panhandler wearing a mink this week, it might be thanks to Gilbert Arenas. On March 2, Arenas "hosted" a fur coat giveaway in which expensive, animal-extracted outerwear was handed out to some of the District's homeless. The currently suspended Wizard guard was helping out animal rights group PETA's "Fur [...]

The Blotter, Animal Edition: A Tree-Climbing Poodle and a Dead Dog That Wasn’t

Rise of the Poodle: A poodle got stuck in a tree. Yes, that's right: Poodle. Stuck. Tree. The poodle, whose name is Parker, lives in the 1400 block of Manchester Lane NW. Apparently, Parker was in hot pursuit of a raccoon or opossum on Feb. 23 when he scampered up a tree and got stranded, [...]

The Blotter, Animal Edition: It’s the Collar, Stupid!

Pushy Cat: A kitten who bullied too much was given up on Feb. 16 in the 1200 block of Mt. Olivet Road NE. The feline was surrendered to Humane Law Enforcement (HLE) because it was aggressive toward other cats in the household. The Humane Society soon discovered the potential reason: A pink collar around the [...]

The Blotter, Animal Edition: Obama Dog Braves Snowpocalypse

Go Bo: Bo Obama, the presidential pet, seems to be at ease with the Snowpocalypse. Photographed yesterday frolicking around a snow-piled White House lawn—we don't suppose Barack had anything to do with that—the dog appeared to like the powder. The pics, taken by White House photographer Pete Souza and available on Flickr, actually may have [...]

This Man Will Take Your Dog: Life as an Animal Cop

Rolling up in a white Ford Explorer, Mitchell Battle scopes out a two-story house on 55th Street NE. He glides the SUV through an open set of wrought iron gates, then swivels his head several times, trying to spot lurking dangers.
In all the years he's been on the job as an animal cop, he's never [...]

The Blotter, Animal Edition: Click Here to Read About Decapitated Goats

Guillotined Goats: How's this for a gruesome scene? On Jan. 17, Humane Law Enforcement (HLE) officers discovered two decapitated goat corpses dumped on the side of the road in the 2600 block of Sheridan Road SE. Both goats had been hogtied. HLE says it has reason to believe the goats were killed as part of [...]

The Blotter, Animal Edition: Trooper Entering Adoption Program Soon

Peticide: Seems like a dangerous time to have four legs in the District. First, a deer gets gunned down; now, a dog has been shot. On Christmas Eve, D.C. Animal Control found a blood-soaked young male Rottweiler in the street in the 4500 block of Lee Street NE. Initially, it was believed the dog had [...]