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The Needle: Arianna’s Sweat Shop

Journos Wearing Sweaters: It's that time of the year again—Arianna Huffington gifted her hundreds of staffers holiday J. Crew sweaters. A trusted source within the gilded halls of the Huffington Post's swanky D.C. bureau said each employee received an individualized package. Only some of the sweaters had elbow pads, which was the more popular of the two [...]

The Media Drugs of Washington

Following Townhall Magazine's expose on "The Huffington Post: The Left's Cocaine," Metropolitan Police Department officers have started picking up media pushers across Washington. Still, some illicit highs persist on the streets, including:

Washingtonian: McLean's Fourth Glass of Wine on a Weeknight
WTOP: The Commuter's Pot
WNEW: The Commuter's Spice
The Northwest Current: The NIMBY's Bath Salts
WUSA 9: The Paranoiac's [...]

Walk to Rally to Restore Sanity!

The Huffington Post has buses. Washington City Paper has these two.
Meet Keli Anaya and Molly McGinley. They'll be providing free walks from the Smithsonian Metro to the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear tomorrow morning, from 10:45 a.m. until the rally starts at noon. We couldn't afford to bus people in for the shindig, and [...]

Free Walking Tours to Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert Rally!

About 10,000 people will be coming to D.C. from New York this weekend on 200 free buses sponsored by the Huffington Post, whose founder Arianna Huffington pledged a free ride to anyone interested in joining Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert for the Rally to Restore Sanity/Keep Fear Alive. (The buses leave from Citi Field at [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Somebody Once Wrote a Nice Dan Snyder Story? Does It Hold Up? No?

Today's the last day to enter Dan Snyder's Cheerleader Pride Giveaway Contest! Tomorrow, folks at Snyder's sportstalker, WTEM, will hold the drawing to find out the five 25-to-54-year-old males who've won the right to have Redskins cheerleaders — armed with sponges and buckets and zero self-esteem — come over and scrub down their cars.
Come on, [...]

D.C. Teachers to Protest Michelle “Teacher Terminator” Rhee

D.C. teachers are preparing a protest for Thursday over the impending teacher layoffs announced last week by Chancellor Michelle Rhee.

Our Morning Roundup: We Need Another Beer Summit

Kudos to CNN for leading its Obama Beer Summit story with who drank what instead of who said what. There's a special place in hell for people who pander. Also, did you know Obama had another meeting yesterday, with Philippines President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo? Of course not.
While we're on the topic of elevating abusive cops above [...]

HuffPo Scolds Washington City Paper for Linking

Never thought I'd be scolded by a Huffington Post official for linking. But I was!
Here's a chronology that explains how this HuffPo reprimand came about:

And the Award for Most Distasteful Movie Title Goes To…

...The Baster, which the sewer-minded among you may have guessed is about a woman trying to get pregnant via artificial insemination. Classy!
Yesterday, the Huffington Post tried to make a big deal out of stars Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman "making out" while filming a scene. The article's alleged point was CDC's suggestion that we all [...]

Huffington City Paper: Was It A Dream?

We had some fun yesterday. Hope you enjoyed it.

Can Weed Kill Your WoW Ranking? Drug Czar N00B Says, “Totally, Dude”

Washington City Paper contributor and Huffington Post staffer Ryan Grim reports that the Office of National Drug Control Policy is taking the War against Fun in a new direction:
"Getting high affects your brain in ways that may directly influence your gaming ability," warns the Drug Czar's Web site, citing the impairment of "many of the [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Time For a Tea Party?

Good morning, City Desk readers, and welcome to another addition of Freedom Friday. In case y'all missed it, please check out Average Day D.C., and, if you have time, my review of Arthur Delaney's Nanonman: The Post-Human Prometheus. And now, some news:

Huffington Post Sinks to New Low

Elliot Spitzer chats up a reporter about his new gig at Slate, and the above is what Huffington Post's front page editor comes up with for a visual? Because if it weren't for that picture of Ashley Alexandra Dupré, Huff Po's enlightened readers would have had no idea who the fuck Elliot Spitzer was? (The [...]

Not All Lobbyists Are Jerks

One of Obama's campaign pledges was to “wrest the federal government out of the hands of lobbyists.” And granted, most talk of lobbyists conjures images like this and this. But, c'mon, not all lobbyists are greed-driven parasitic rodents — some actually work to protect citizens.
For instance, organizations like The American Cancer Society, AARP, and The [...]